Aml Maple History File
Version 5.01 Beta 3 build 676 (December/19/2016)
[*] fixed: not use system cursor under Windows XP;
[+] added: Detect languages show privilegies for program folder;
[+] added: report about errors on registration show info for admin privilegies;
[+] added: submenu for button "Get License From ZIP" with item "System Informaton"
[+] added: blink hyperlink "How To Enter License Data";
[+] added: extended tooltip for hyperlink "How To Enter License Data";
[*] updated Russian language file;

Version 5.01 Beta 2 build 674 (December/17/2016)
[*] added: use system cursor for indicator on standard arrow cursor;

Version 5.01 Beta build 674 (December/16/2016)
[+] added: support of language indication in pointer under Windows 8\8.1\10;
[+] added: Domain name in "Detect languages" dialog;
[*] updated languages files;

Version 5.00 build 672 (December/9/2016)
[*] changed: creation of mouse cursor;
[+] added: manifest file;

Version 5.00 build 671 (December/8/2016)
[*] many small changes and bug-fixes;

Version 5.00 build 670 (December/7/2016)
[*]fixed: checking exist configuration files;
[*]imrove: check for updates for multiple versions;
[*] some bug fixes and many changes;

Version 5.00 build 668 (December/5/2016)
[+] added: indication of window under point in standard mouse pointer (arrow);
[+] dialog "Check For Updates" added button "Visit To Web Site";
[+] added: "Check For Updates" can check multiple versions (final release + beta-releases);
[+] added: remove hyperlinks to version with setup, him is unavailable;
[*] new URL for renewal license:;
[*] fixed: does not fill info about license for expired users;
[*] fixed: not localizable checkbox "Add Aml Maple into firewall exclusions";
[*] fixed: info-icon on hyperlinks under Windows 7 and later;
[*] updated Greek language file;
[*] updated Russian language file;
[*] some bug fixes and many changes;

Version 4.36 build 656 (November/16/2016)
[*] fixed: does not work column "FileName Only" in settings of exceptions;
[*] enlarge window size for downloading;

Version 4.36 build 655 (November/14/2016)
[+] added: command "Run Aml Maple As Administrator";
[*] updated Russian language file;

Version 4.35 build 654 (November/10/2016)
[+] added: enable SE_DEBUG privilege on starting;
[+] added: list of language show service messages of Aml Maple;
[*] fixed: does not activate keyboard layout after text translation by hotkey;
[*] updated Russian language file;

Version 4.34 build 653 (October/5/2016)
[*] fixed: options list does not show icons under Windows 7 and later;
[*] updated Russian language file;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 4.33 build 651 (July/18/2016)
[*] fixed: relocalize options list;
[*] updated Russian language file;

Version 4.32 build 650 (June/13/2016)
[+] move options window by header;
[*] fixed: crash on moving options window by line in list;
[*] updated: Russian help;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.31 build 649 (May/24/2016)
[+] added: command line key "/reg";
[+] added: shortcut "Aml Maple Register" (into version with installer);
[+] added: file Register.Bat (into portable version);
[+] added: nagscreen show version of Aml Maple (Release date on tooltip);
[*] fixed: crash after enterying license key;
[*] fixed: show nagscreen after enter license key;
[*] some bug fixes and impovements;

Version 4.30 build 646 (May/7/2016)
[*] fixed: invalid openning of external hyperlinks with https:// on "Check For Updated";

Version 4.29 build 645 (March/30/2016)
[+] added: margins for hint in dialog "Settings";
[+] added: command line key "/detectlangs";
[+] added: command "Help\Technical Support";
[*] changed: sorting of languages-files;
[*] fixed: size of nagscreen window;
[*] changed: URL of technicl support web page;
[*] fixed: invalid Russian language-file;
[*] updated Russian language-file;
[*] updated: Russian help file;
[*] updated: English help file;

Version 4.28 build 644 (March/22/2016)
[+] added: hint tooltip in Options dialog;
[+] added: link to WriteYours home page on tray menu;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.26 build 641 (January/18/2016)
[*] fixed: crash after enterying license key;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 4.25 build 640 (December/14/2015)
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 4.24 build 638 (December/10/2015)
[*] fixed: cannot disable custom mouse pointer;
[+] added: context menu in tab "Languages";
[+] updated: Ukrainian language-file of user interface;

Version 4.23 build 637 (November/26/2015)
[*] added: new version of detection of Windows;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.22 build 636 (October/26/2015)
[*] added: new tab "Languages" in settings;

Version 4.21 build 634 (October/9/2015)
[+] added: Bulgarian language of user interface;
[*] changes: dialog "Detect Languages";
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 4.20 build 633 (September/17/2015)
[*] improve: check for Updates;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 4.19 build 632 (August/30/2015)
[+] added: Norwegian language of user interface;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 4.18 build 631 (July/25/2015)
[*] fixed: crash after entering license key;
[*] updated Hellenic language-file;
[*] updated Russian language-file;
[+] added: more information about memory status in dialog "Detect Languages";

Version 4.17 build 630 (July/12/2015)
[+] added: Chinese Simplified language of user interface;

Version 4.16 build 628 (July/4/2015)
[+] added: Arabic language of user interface;
[+] added: information about license file;
[*] update Polish language file;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.15 build 626 (June/6/2015)
[*] changed: setting "restore selection after text translation" is disabled as default;
[*] changed: use rounded static in options dialog;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.14 build 625 (May/25/2015)
[*] updated Russian language-file;
[*] some bug fixes and many changes;

ersion 4.13 build 624 (May/17/2015)
[+] added: hotkey control has button for context menu;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.13 build 622 (May/16/2015)
[+] added: TvIpPlayer.exe added into exceptions as default;
[+] added: command "File Name Only" for context menu of exceptions list;
[*] minimize: nag screen on text translation;
[*] changed: text for adding on text translation, when use trial version of Aml Maple;
[*] fixed: drawing of exceptions list in Settings dialog;

Version 4.12 build 620 (May/9/2015)
[+] added: new spy control;
[+] added: hotkey control;
[*] updated Russian language-file;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 4.11 build 617 (April/13/2015)
[*] fixed: circularity loop, when not exist of selected text and enabled setting "Translate the Last word, if not selected text";

Version 4.10 build 615 (April/9/2015)
[+] added: translation of last word, when selection is empty;
[+] added: setting "Translate last word, if not selected text" (enabled as default);
[*] fixed: translation to next keyboard layout does not work, if start the dialog "Settings" and exit from him by Cancel;
[*] changed: custom drawing Hotkey control;
[*] fixed: localization sub-system write into lng-file caption of settings dialog;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.05 build 614 (March/29/2015)
[+] added: support keyboard layout switching via "Tilda or You" method (for Win7);
[+] setting "Save selection on text translation" enabled as default, if installed great than 2 keyboard layouts;
[+] enlarge timeout for nag-screen when use text translations;
[+] added: new setting "Add Aml Maple into firewall exlusions";
[+] added: on first starting, Aml Maple will be add self into firewall exlusions;
[+] changed: custom drawing Hotkey control;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.04 build 612 (March/27/2015)
[+] added: custom drawing Hotkey control;
[+] added: Hotkey control show key PAUSE valid;
[+] if keyboard swith method is not detected, use Alt+Shift key;

Version 4.03 build 611 (March/26/2015)
[+] added: new info for command "Detect Languages";

Version 4.03 build 610 (March/20/2015)
[+] restore color of text caret for Windows 64-bit;
[+] added: hyperlink to technical support into Options dialog;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.02 build 609 (March/18/2015)
[+] added: context menu for hotkey control contains previous values;
[+] added: "Check For Updates" show number of current version of Aml Maple;
[+] added: "about-dialog" show information about translators of user interface;
[*] updated: Russian help file;

Version 4.01 build 608 (March/7/2015)
[*] fixed: AutoSwitch service work incorrectly, when installed more 2 languages on Windows;
[*] changed: implementation of "Save selection" feature;

Version 4.01 build 607 (March/6/2015)
[*] changed: set foreground window "Settings" on start the second copy with command line key /settings;

Version 4.01 build 606 (March/6/2015)
[+] added: when start second copy Aml Maple, first copy show temporary icon on system tray (~ per 10 secs);
[+] added: shortcut "Aml Maple Settings" into version with installer;
[+] added: tooltip for checkbox "Do not show icon on tray";
[+] added: tooltip for checkbox "Write Log File";
[*] changed: command line key "/settings" show Settings-dialog always;
[*] updated: Russian help file;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.01 build 604 (March/4/2015)
[*] fixed: does not work setting "No show icon on system tray" correctly;

Version 4.00 build 604 (March/4/2015)
[+] added: icons into menu of system tray;
[+] added: on select of user interface language change locale of thread UI;
[*] fixed: text translation service show nag screen after license data has been input;
[*] updated Russian language-file;
[*] some small changes;

Version 4.00 build 603 (February/28/2015)
[+] added: checking writing-priviledgies to app folder on registration from ZIP-file;
[+] added: icons into menu of system tray;
[*] fixed: text translation service show nag screen after license data has been input;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 4.00 build 602 (February/26/2015)
[+] added: new feature "Text translation the selected text into next keyboard layout";
[+] added: logging into file (disabled as default);
[+] added: setting "Save selection after translation" (disabled as default);
[+] added: setting "Write Log File", enabled as default for beta-versions of Aml Maple;
[+] added: show tooltip on system tray, when Settings close on OK;
[+] added: Mouse pointer implemented on new architecture v4.0 (actor+reactors);
[+] added: new feature "Auto Swith Keyboard Layout";
[*] updated Russian language-file;
[*] fixed: invalid handle setting "The method change of mouse pointer";
[*] fixed: does not localize pages of Settings dialog;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.75 build 591 (January/12/2015)
[+] added: color of text cursor disable as default on Windows 64bit;
[+] added: flags on text cursor enabled as default on Windows 64bit;
[*] updated Russian language-file;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.74 build 588 (December/14/2014)
[+] added: more info about system;

Version 3.73 build 586 (November/28/2014)
[+] added: compatibility tray API for Windows Vista\7\8;

Version 3.72 build 585 (October/29/2014)
[+] added: setting of method on indicaton on mouse pointer;
[*] fixed: report, when sucess install setting "Start With Windows";
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 3.71 build 584 (October/26/2014)
[+] added: report if cannot install "Start With Windows" from settings and menu;
[*] fixed: show icon on system tray, when checked setting "No Icon On Tray";
[*] updated Greece UI;

Version 3.70 build 582 (July 31, 2014)
[+] added: support of "Hide Mouse Cursor On Typing";

Version 3.69 build 581 (June 28, 2014)
[*] some bug fixes;
[*] updated language-files;

Version 3.68 build 580 (June 07, 2014)
[+] added: "Detect Languages" show info about ANSI and OEM code pages;
[+] added: menu command "Detect Languages";
[+] added: command "Change Languages";
[+] added: French language file;
[+] added: Madjar language file;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 3.67 build 579 (April 23, 2014)
[+] added: registation of user license from command line (silent mode);

Version 3.66 build 576 (April 05, 2014)
[+] added: info "How to convert text to other keyboard layout";
[*] updated: Russian help file;

Version 3.65 build 574 (April 05, 2014)
[+] added: Uninstall Center;
[*] new logging interface;
[*] updated english help file;
[*] some bug-fixes and changes;

Version 3.64 build 573 (March 20, 2014)
[*] fixed: slow work when show menu on system tray;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 3.63 build 571 (March 04, 2014)
[+] added: support of Singala language;
[+] added: Lithuanian language of user interface;

Version 3.62 build 570 (February 24, 2014)
[*] changed: "Check for updates" - download links is unavailable if now has new version;
[*] changed: tray menu show setting "Delay on auto-start";

Version 3.61 build 569 (February 12, 2014)
[+] added: Sinhala language of user interface;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.60 build 568 (February 01, 2014)
[+] added: new setting "Delay auto-start Aml Maple per seconds" (enabled as default, 30 secs);
[+] added: new setting "Show icon in ALT+Tab list" (enabled as default);
[*] changed: menu toolips;
[*] updated Russian language-file;

Version 3.53 build 566 (January 16, 2014)
[*] improve: working of mouse pointer service;
[*] changed: important options has bold font on dialog Settings;
[*] updated English help file;
[*] updated Russian help file;

Version 3.52 build 564 (December 16, 2013)
[+] added: Spanish language of user interface;
[+] added: re-translation menu "on-fly" after choosing language from menu;

Version 3.51 build 562 (December 05, 2013)
[+] added: new feature "Get License From ZIP-file";
[*] updated Russian language file;

Version 3.50 build 559 (November 16, 2013)
[+] added: Hebrew language of user interface;
[+] added: Turkish language of user interface;
[*] fixed: working with full screen applications;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.49 build 556 (October 23, 2013)
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.48 build 555 (September 13, 2013)
[*] fixed: set "Start with Windows" as default for removable drives;

Version 3.47 build 554 (September 04, 2013)
[*] changed: URL of official forum in English language;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.46 build 553 (3-August-2013)
[+] added: Italian language of user interface;

Version 3.45 build 552 (30-July-2013)
[*] changed: help-button control in settings;
[*] some bug fixes for kernel of caret;

Version 3.44 build 551 (1-July-2013)
[+] added: support of Tatar language;
[*] fixed: hiding colored caret for The Bat dropdown lists (e.g. search);

Version 3.43 build 550 (26-June-2013)
[*] fixed: hiding colored caret for NSIS installer;
[*] fixed: hiding colored caret on Total Commander dialogs (copying, renaming and etc);

Version 3.42 build 547 (23-May-2013)
[*] fixed: enlarge text caret on vertical if use option "Show language name on bottom";

Version 3.41 build 547 (18-May-2013)
[*] some bug fixes for kernel of caret;

Version 3.40 build 546 (27-April-2013)
[+] added: CapsLock indication in text caret;
[+] Check For Updates do not cashe information about version after checking;
[*] fixed: hiding of text caret in URL-address control in Google Chrome;
[*] changed: tray menu;
[*] updated Hellenic language;

Version 3.32 build 544 (2-April-2013)
[+] added: Brazilian Portuguese user interface;
[*] updated Hellenic language;
[*] small bug fixes;

Version 3.31 build 543 (5-March-2013)
[+] added: control check for updates automatically into report dialog;
[*] changed: default range of check for updates (7 days);
[*] updated Serbian language file;

Version 3.30 build 541 (15-February-2013)
[+] added: command line key "/settings" (show settings dialog for hidden copy of Aml Maple);
[*] updated English help file;
[*] updated Russian help file;

Version 3.29 build 540 (4-February-2013)
[*] added: TwinkiePaste description "Check for Updates";
[*] updated Polish language files;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.28 build 539 (21-January-2013)
[*] changed: detection path to Web Browser as default;
[*] added: TwinkiePaste description in menu of system tray;Version 3.28 build 539 (4-February-2013)
[*] changed: detection path to Web Browser as default;
[*] added TwinkiePaste description in menu of system tray;
[*] updated Polish language files;

Version 3.27 build 538 (18-January-2013)
[+] added: detection of Web Browser as default into languages info;
[+] added: use has admin rights into languages info;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.26 build 536 (11-January-2013)
[*] fixed: Windows version detection (as chars);
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.25 build 535 (25-December-2012)
[+] added: Serbian language of user interface;
[*] changed: icon for not founded files in exception list;
[*] fixed: hide tooltip on menu selection;
[*] fixed colored caret for Locate32;
[*] fixed: language file LocalizationExample.lng;

Version 3.24 build 534 (21-December-2012)
[+] added: support Visual Theme for exceptions list;
[+] exceptions list: if file not found the list is shown of red color;
[*] fixed: work of exception list in colored caret;

Version 3.23 build 533 (20-December-2012)
[+] added: all dialogs use Unicode font (best for localization);

Version 3.22 build 532 (17-December-2012)
[*] fixed: colored caret for MS Excel 2003;
[*] changed: context menu on system tray;
[+] added: screen dimension in Detect languages;
[+] added: bitness of Windows in Detect languages;

Version 3.21 build 531 (27-November-2012)
[*] fixed: detection of Windows version in command "Detect Languages";
[*] fixed: disabling of "Check for updates automatically" in Settings dialog;
[*] fixed: Russian localization;

Version 3.20 build 530 (22-November-2012)
[+] added: menu tooltips;
[+] added: subscribe to news in installer (Finish page, optional);
[+] added: Polish language of user interface;
[+] added: build numbler is show on tray tooltip;
[*] updated English help;
[*] fixed: Russian localization;
[*] fixed: none text for frame "Check for updates"';
[*] many bug fixes for colored text caret;
[*] check for updates: all links open in system default web-browser;
[*] fixed: removing all files by uninstaller;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.10 build 528 (11-November-2012)
[+] added new feature: Check for updates on Internet;
[+] added: safe installing icon into system tray on launch;
[*] button "Detect Languages" moved into page "Miscellaneous" of Settings;
[*] updated Russian help;

Version 3.06 build 525 (9-October-2012)
[+] added: info about version of DLLs into dialog "Detect Languages";
[+] added: Kazakh language of user interface;
[+] added: German language of user interface;
[+] added: state in tooltip for options in Settings dialog;
[+] added: strikeout fonts for disabled options in Settings dialog;
[+] added: number of processors in "Detect languages";
[+] added: processor architecture in "Detect languages";
[*] Aml Maple start in enabled state always;
[*] fixed: refocusing method on SysListView\SysTreeView windows;
[*] fixed: hiding caret on window creation (e.g. on Total Commander);

Version 3.05 build 522 (16-August-2012)
[+] fixed: Unicode font for list of languages;
[+] added: test for key writing in "Detect languages";
[+] added: diagnostic report for registration;

Version 3.04 build 521 (3-August-2012)
[+] added: active codepage into languages info;
[+] added: number of installed language in Settings dialog;
[+] added: redrawing sample caret in Settings dialog on changing selected language;
[*] fixed: registration on localized Windows (e.g. German, French and etc);
[*] fixed: caret sample redrawing on Settings dialog;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.03 build 516 (15-July-2012)
[*] detection of user input withour hooks;
[+] added: Hellenic UI interface;
[+] added: auto-detection of setting "Start With Windows" in the Settings dialog;
[*] fixed: help menu;
[*] fixed: license control;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 3.02 build 515 (3-April-2012)
[*] fixed: limit of highlighted languages after registration;

Version 3.01 build 514 (22-March-2012)
[+] added: Ukrainian UI interface;
[+] added: Ukrainian help file;
[*] fixed: embedded strings languages;
[*] fixed: delay on close of settings-dialog by mouse on system button X;

Version 3.01 build 514 (20-March-2012)
[+] added: Ukrainian UI interface;
[*] fixed: embedded strings languages;
[*] fixed: delay on close of settings-dialog by mouse on system button X;

Version 3.00 build 513 (17-February-2012)
[+] added: full Unicode support;
[+] added Korean UI language;
[+] delayed restoring icon on system tray, if Windows Explorer crashed;
[+] new help file in Russian;
[+] new help file in English;
[+] added link to "Renewal license";
[+] new FlgCrt.DLL;
[*] fixed: use setting "USA\UK flag" in mouse pointer;
[*] fixed: initialize icon on flag "USA\UK" in settings dialog;
[*] changed: icons on settings;
[*] changed: UI translation files;
[*] fixed: crash on re-install feature "Flag on text caret";
[*] fixed: language name and prefix in Localization example file;
[*] fixed: openning help files under Windows7;
[*] changed: no delaying on timeout-nagscreen;
[*] fixed: localizations functions;
[*] UX-review of nag screen;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 2.66 build 502 (9-January-2012)
[+] added support double\single click on tray icon (settings or enable\disable);
[+] animated openning of nag-screen;
[+] added: restoring of icon on traybar after Windows Explorer crash;
[+] added Greece UI;

Version 2.65 build 498 (15-November-2011)
[+] added buttons copy and email-to-us to Registration;
[*] fixed: license management;

Version 2.64 build 496 (22-October-2011)
[*] fixed: install caret support under Windows7;
[*] many small changes;

Version 2.63 build 495 (18-October-2011)
[+] added of link to video into installer;
[+] added: link to "Get Aml Maple Free";
[*] changed: URL of user community (;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 2.62 build 494 (23-September-2011)
[+] added support of Internet Explorer 8;
[+] added tooltips into nagscreen;
[*] updated Russian help file;
[*] updated Localization example file (LocalizationExample.lng);
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 2.61 build 493 (3-September-2011)
[*] fixed: copying information about languages;

Version 2.60 build 492 (10-August-2011)
[+] added: detection of installed languages (see Settings);
[+] advanced list view controls to settings dialog;
[+] added support ot Turkey language;

Version 2.59 build 491 (14-July-2011)
[*] fixed: hiding mouse cursor on typing under Win2K\XP\Vista\7;
[*] changed: disabled icon on tray;

Version 2.58 build 489 (2-July-2011)
[+] added Czech user interface language;
[+] added tool for selection of exception from running applications list;
[*] improove exception selection tool (added: icon detection on drag-n-drop);
[*] fixed: exceptions number on changing of UI language;

Version 2.57 build 487 (30-May-2011)
[+] added Portuguese user interface;
[+] added rectangle drawing to target tool on window selection (tab Exceptions);
[*] forum URL changed to;

Version 2.56 build 486 (20-May-2011)
[+] added link to RSS-feed (tab "About Aml Maple");
[*] fixed "Start With Windows" for U-versions;
[*] fixed colors for invalid values of transparency of flag;
[*] show flag with language on focus to windows;
[*] small fixes in AmlMaple.dll and FlgCrt.dll;

Version 2.55 build 485 (29-April-2011)
[+] added link to Russian demo-video on our web site;
[*] changed bevel font on settings dialog;
[*] updated: Russian help;
[*] many small corrections;

Version 2.54 build 484 (18-April-2011)
[*] added support of Thai language;
[*] updated Russian help file;
[+] added link to video movies web site into help-file:;

Version 2.53 build 483 (28-March-2011)
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 2.52 build 480 (15-February-2011)
[+] added Turkish user interface;
[*] some many corrections and fixes;

Version 2.51 build 479 (04-February-2011)
[*] UI fixes;
[*] updated Ukraninian localization;

Version 2.50 build 478 (11-January-2011)
[+] added: exceptions for tex cursor colouring;
[+] added Opera.exe to caret exceptions as default;
[+] added: sample of flags to settings dialog;
[+] added new help files;
[*] Web Site command moves to root menu;
[*] use bold font for selected settings item;
[*] fixed: detection storage in AmlMaple.DLL;
[*] added more security to AmlMaple.DLL;
[*] added info tips to exceptions list;
[*] changed: icons of settings dialog;
[*] changed: caret width settings;

Version 2.46 build 459 (30-November-2010)
[*] changed popup menu;
[*] some bug fixes;

Version 2.45 build 458 (6-November-2010)
[*] changed icons;

Version 2.44 build 456 (9-October-2010. Happy birthday! Dear Lennon :)
[*] Added support for many applications;
[*] Added new payments methods ;
[*] Updated Russian localization;
[*] Changed Russian help-file;
[*] Some bug fixes;
[*] Many small corrections;

Version 2.43 build 454 (16-September-2010)
[+] added support of tweaky uni;
[*] many small corrections;

Version 2.42 build 453 (18-August-2010)
[+] added price option;
[*] fixed: animated flag fading;
[*] small bug fixes;
[*] many small corrections;

Version 2.41 build 450 (23-July-2010)
[+] added Byelorussian user interface and help file;
[*] fixed links handling;
[*] small bug fixes;
[*] many small corrections;

Version 2.40 build 447 (30-May-2010)
[+] added french and italian user interface;
[+] added transparency settings for flags on text cursor;
[+] added support of Microsoft Word and Excel 2010 Beta;
[+] added support of the Bat;
[+] added tooltip to system tray for start of second copy of Aml Maple;
[+] added support of Carbide C++ 2.3 and 2.4;
[*] changed language of user interfaces order to alphabet;
[*] changed animated dialog closing;
[*] corrections for FlgCrt.DLL;
[*] added links to localized home pages (for Italian, German and French versions);
[*] changed tray menu commands;
[*] fixed: hiding of flag on changing keyboard layout;
[*] fixed: updating of flag on changing keyboard layout (force update on changing);
[*] changed English help file;
[*] many small corrections;

Version 2.18 [29-Jan-2009]
[+] new AmlMaple.DLL and FlgCrt.DLL components (new unhook implementation);
[*] refactoring;
[+] animated dialog closing;
[+] added advertising of Aml Pages organizer;

Version 2.17 [9-Dec-2008]
[+] Added option "No Hide In Console" (no hide flag in text cursort automatically on console windows);
[*] Increased GUI languages area;

Version 2.16 [4-Dec-2008]
[+] Added Czech language for GUI;
[*] Fixed: country flag drawing in text cursor under Windows2000;

Version 2.15 [15-Nov-2008]
[+] Added French language for GUI (thanks to Igor Oshanin);
[!] отображение курсора-палки для окна с флагом в текстовом курсоре;

Version 2.14 [31-October-2008]
[*] changed waiting in backround thread;
[!] USA|UK flags menu items is enabled always;
[+] added submenu "Flags";
[*] fixed detection tray icon if installed one or more indication methods;
[*] fixed indication in mouse cursor is indication disabled;

Version 2.13 [29-October-2008]
[+] drawing country flag with shadow in text cursor;
[!] WS_EX_NOACTIVATE style (no activated country flag on cursor);
[+] added Italian user inteface;
[!] AboutDlg remaked "Click ME" to standard "OK";

Version 2.12 [17-October-2008]
[*] по умолчанию теперь показывается аббревиатура языка (справа от текстового курсора);
[+] added support of cursor for Italian language;
[+] fixed focus losing on activation unsupported language;

Version 2.11 [7-October-2008]
[+] added flag on text cursor;
[+] added Portugal language support;

Version 2.07 [26-June-2008]
[+] added Norway language support;
[+] added Polish, Latvian language interface;

Version 2.06 [15-June-2008]
[+] management of language name position in text cursor;

Version 2.04 [02-June-2008]
[+] added Chinese interface language;
[*] Fixed: text cursor options saving;

Version 2.04 [26-May-2008]
[!] all options is moved to "Options" section;
[!] saving language file without path (file name only);
[+] languages name in text cursor enabled as default;
[!] Fixed: work text_cursor flag;
[+] removed language name on bottom of text cursor;
[+] added Lithuanian interface language (thanks to Valentinas Marcinkevicius);
[+] language name on bottom of text cursor;
[+] added French interface language (thanks to Valery KrylOFF aka Kryl);
[+] added Bulagarian interface language (thanks to Georgy Xr. Nenov);
[+] added German interface languages (thanks to Felix Marjanovsky);
[+] added Byelorussian interface languages (thanks to Felix Marjanovsky);
[*] fixed: memory leaks on running text cursor under Win2K\XP (Billy :((((... The documentation sometimes lies... She gets impossible!!!);
[*] fixed: interface languages menu building;

Version 2.03 [16-May-2008]
[+] Added: "Add Language" menu command;
[*] fixed: monochrome text cursor under Windows 2000;

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