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Testimonials about Aml Pages

…My current WIP visits Burma, Germany and the United States, from the late 1700s to the present day and, when I get done, I’ll have enough characters where I need to keep accurate records of them.
I started with Aml Pages, by creating a folder in the tree structure for Cast. Under here, I created folders for each of the characters I have in the first section. My next folder, Magok Valley, which you can see in the captured Wikipedia page above, is where I’ll keep all my references about this region, especially those areas and people in the late eighteenth century.

Not only is it important to keep these notes and references for myself, but I’ll need to refer to them when a publisher or editor challenges me. I can’t go into the complete set of features here, but there are many more than I’ll need and more than sufficient to easily capture my references as I go. I must have downloaded and tried a dozen software programs similar to Aml Pages, but I kept coming back because of its feature set and ease of use.

Desmond Haas, writer
Intelligent Research

…Hi Everybody who haven't been using yet Aml Pages, this excellent software! For my and surely the developer's hope they will use soonest, and will be satisfied by its working. I could never seen a such reach functionality Note taking software, which is under about the developer's continuous care. He maintains and tracks also the claims for improving his product. I know, because I requested many improvement changes and he really did. Many thanks for him here, too!

If you ever used any Tree Outliners like Treepad, Maple, KeyNote you will really appreciate the rich functionality and its simple even clever UI of this Aml Pages software It may be useful not only for programmers, project managers, but can further improve anyone's daily and also serious research work! I can offer for everyone+.

I've been using Aml Pages for some time now. It is a well thought out notes manager. It does everything that I need and then some. I have to say, that I'm a note taking junky!! After purchasing many other similar programs I have since deleted them. The main reason is Aml Pages does it all. The customer support is hands down some of the best I have received. That alone is well worth the modest cost of the program. I call it "Legendary Customer Service"!!
Thank you for your amazing software and support. Please try the program, you can't go wrong…

The first time I heard about Aml Pages, five years ago, I thought, this is another program of many I have seen and evaluated so far, however, after installing it, learning to use it, and contact its developer, my initial perception change 360 degrees. The application, at the time, was basic in comparison to others, but the prospects were handled were giants, enough to read and participate in discussions on the forum to realize the possibilities that are coming, and I was right!. The author would not give terminate your project to not completely satisfy the expectations and exceed them, channeled through the community forum, ideas, suggestions and options for different types of users, from various cultures and countries. Undoubtedly this was a great effort, a strong will, a huge power to organize ideas into code, and great creativity.

In software development, contact and interaction with potential users is essential, no one at present, would dare to create software, without considering how to address this point in the right way.
Currently, Aml Pages is an application that has grown steadily improved, providing users with tremendous possibilities for work and home.
Notable is the ability to generate, in a simple and easy, a calendar Journal (Daily Book), multipurpose, on which I use to record all my activities day by day.
The facility to create a Alphabetical List (multipurpose), which used to record all my contacts, The option to save notes as "Templates" to be reused later (for example, to organize my contacts, I designed a table of certain characteristics (size, columns, color) that I apply in the Alphabetical List to access the data.
Facilities to extract information from web pages (text and image) and store them in Aml Pages.
The options to customize and change the look of the program (Themes), as the user wishes.
Another is the massive capacity to provide security for documents generated, and the program includes all possible options: automatic and manual backups, passwords to protect documents, encryption, etc…
Finally, there are many possibilities for the application today, and do not intend to list them or discuss them here, my recommendation is to try and experiment.
The important thing is knowing that the cost versus benefits is largely favorable to the user.

Patricio Silva (Chile)

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