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 TwinkiePaste 3.65 build 718

TwinkiePaste — paste text at hotkey anywhere + multiple clipboards…
Released: 07/19/2024 20:04
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TwinkiePaste is the utility for quickly typing frequently used text, dates, greetings, common responses, Internet URLs, logins and passwords, and code templates. TwinkiePaste helps to quickly type text in almost any application, thus saving a lot of time and routine.

TwinkiePaste is designed to integrate with the way that you work, and sits quietly in the system tray ready to be summoned with a mouse click on floating pane or press the hot key.

Key Features: Paste plain text, formatted text, execute keyboard scripts (e.g. for login forms), search selected text from anywhere by Google, Yandex, MSDN and etc., translate selected text from anywhere and many more, clipboard history from popup menu or float pane.

How the TwinkiePaste works?
  1. Press a hotkey in any application.
  2. TwinkiePaste displays a menu with text templates that may be inserted at the cursor.
  3. Select the menu command. Done! Text is inserted.
The menu with snippets can be shown on a floating panel.
The essential feature: one hotkey to insert any of the text templates. No need to remember the settings for each individual text.

TwinkiePaste 3.65 build 718
ZIP with installer, size: 2.1M

Released: 07/19/2024 20:04 (m/d/y)
  1. Extract and start the file TwinkiePaste_Setup.exe.
  2. Follow the instructions.
TwinkiePaste 3.65 build 718
Portable version, size: 2.2M

Released: 07/19/2024 20:03 (m/d/y)
  1. Extract all files from
  2. Start the file TwinkiePaste.exe.
What`s new in the version 3.65 build 718
Windows 10 compatible Windows 8 compatible Windows 7 compatible System Requirements: Microsoft Windows® 2000\XP\Vista\7\8.x\10\11, 500 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, 3 MB HDD

Hot news [23/07/2024 16:20] Aml Pages 10.00 build 2961 released.
You can download English version with installer or portable versions (learn more about portable version).
For other language versions - see here.

Also You can download localized versions of Aml Pages: German, French, Italian, Portuguesze Brazilan, Russian, Ukrainian and etc.
Aml Pages: Plain text allow to apply simple formatting What`s new in the version
A new version of the Aml2CHM plugin 3.50 has been released (support for new versions of Aml Pages 9.99 has been added, the mirror order of folders\nodes in the CHM file has been fixed).
New video: How to capture web pages into the Aml Pages from Google Chrome by Aml Assist.
added: menu commands "Document Read Only", "View Only", "Page Read Only", "Protect Page with Password" show their status (on/off) in the tooltip;
Added new version of plugin ChangeLog 1.37.
added: menu commands “Document Read Only”, “View Only”, “Page Read Only”, “Protect Page with Password” are drawn in bold when enabled;
Aml Assist plugin command "Add Text To Node" will correctly paste URLs from the clipboard;
Added background asynchronous loading of text templates when starting Aml Pages.
Added new version of Aml Assist 3.60 plugin has been added (adding text to the nodes, including source URL). Double clicking on a node in the tree activates the text editor (right panel).
The plugin Aml2Dropbox 2.67 released.
Critical bug fix: excessive CPU usage when the Nodes Tabs bar (top nodes bar) is enabled.
Added: text templates supports autotext now.
Added new version of plugin AutoReplace 2.16 (fixed: does not save setting after OK in the dialog, fixed: running the plugin in a hyperlinks).
New feature: plain text formatting. What does this mean? Now You can uses a simple formatting for nodes of plain text: font and him attributes (bold, italic, underline and etc), font size, colors of background and text, can uses format styles and many more.
See the What's New section for a full list of changes, or you can view it from Aml Pages itself.


  • Pastes plain or formatted text into any applications
  • Keeps a clipboard history
  • Smart text insertion using macros: selected text, date/time, usernames, etc.
  • Configurable hotkeys
  • Simple, lightweight and user friendly phrase editor
  • Unicode support. Minimal system requirements
  • No proprietary file format - our database is simple XML only
  • Check for updates: automatically every 1 2 3...X days, or manually from menu
  • Also we can suggest portable version
  • Multilingual user interface includes English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and others. How to translate user interface of TwinkiePaste and get it FREE

Other useful features of TwinkiePaste

Find the selected text fragment on the Internet, translate it using Google Translate, email it: all of this can be quickly and conveniently done using TwinkiePaste. Select a text in any application, press a hotkey and select a corresponding command from the menu.
More screenshots
TwinkiePaste Menu
What you see is what you get. TwinkiePaste shows text in the text selection menu exactly as it will appear when pasted. In addition, a special tooltip will show extended information: format of data being pasted, cursor position after pasting, layout switching after insertion, etc.
TwinkiePaste can automatically switch the keyboard layout after text insertion. This comes in handy when you need to write standard, similar texts. For instance, if the phrase “Good Day” is pasted into an application, the layout is switched to English. If the German phrase “Guten Morgen” is pasted, the layout will be switched to German.
Instantly paste dates, days of week, etc. These will be pasted with the current layout taken into account. For example, if you were writing in English, the English “March” will be inserted. If you were writing in German, the program will insert “Marz”.
This clipboard history is always at hand, since the program keeps a complete log of all operations. All previously pasted data can be pasted through the TwinkiePaste menu. An additional floating panel gives you more opportunities: save text to a file, change character case, clear the clipboard from formatting, and a whole lot more.
Typed a text and forgot about quote marks? No problem! Select a command from the TwinkiePaste menu and the selected fragment is enclosed in quotes.

How to get it free 
You can (your choice): write article about TwinkiePaste on Wikipedia, translate user interface, translate this description into Your language, write review on Your blog , write review about TwinkiePaste on BetaNews.Com, make demo video and several more ways »
1) Press a hotkey     2) Menu shown     3) Select the text template from menu              And you are done! The text has been pasted.
Step 1
Press hot key
Step 2
Choose text snippet from context menu
Step 3
Done. Text snippet already inserted
Use the Ctrl+Alt+Enter (as default) or choose any other in settings The menu contains Your phrases and clipboard history. The menu icons indicates of data types… All is in readiness! Your snippet already inserted into target application with selected text, clipboard content, and etc (if macro specified for this snippet).

TwinkiePaste Screenshots

Click on screenshot to enlarge. Downloads above…
TwinkiePaste Menu
Insertion of frequently used phrases via TwinkiePaste
Insertion of frequently used phrases via TwinkiePaste
TwinkiePaste On System Tray
TwinkiePaste has icon on system tray
TwinkiePaste has icon on system tray.
Search via TwinkiePaste
TwinkiePaste : Search on Internet
How to quickly start search on Internet with the selected text from anywhere via TwinkiePaste
Float pane with clips history : collapsed mode
TwinkiePaste : Float pane with clipboard history
Float pane with clipboard history. The panel expand automatically, when mouse over hover on it. Expanded mode see below.
Phrases Editor & Settings
User-friendly phrases editor and settings
User-friendly phrases editor and settings. Start the click on icon in system tray or use command "Edit Phrases\Settings".
More commands from recursive menu
Right click on highlighted menu item and choose advanced commands
Right click on highlighted menu item and choose advanced commands.
Float pane : expanded mode
Float pane — expanded mode
Float pane — expanded mode: pane shown clips history. Collapsed mode see above.
Welcome To TwinkiePaste
Welcome To TwinkiePaste
Welcome To TwinkiePaste (on first start of TwinkiePaste)
Check for updates
Check for Updates of TwinkiePaste
Check for updates of TwinkiePaste on official web site
Creation of new snippet
Quickly and simple saving new phrases into TwinkiePaste from any application
Quickly and simple saving new phrases into TwinkiePaste from any application...
See demo video here.


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