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"The tools we use have a profound (and devious!) influence on our thinking habits,
and, therefore, on our thinking abilities…" (© Edsger  W.Dijkstra)
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Main Window

Aml Pages main window
Work with mutiple documents. Any drag'n'drop between documents. Fully portable documents with icons, colors, settings and other.

Key Features

Key Features
Aml Pages key features: tree-structured form of notes, bookmarks for quckly access, nodes filtering, more commands for text editor.

Tree-structured form of notes

Aml Pages - Customizable tree

Flexible tree structure to keep all your notes in order. Fully customizable tree.
Video tutorial: How to expand text or tree

Text Bookmarks

Aml Pages text bookmarks navigation and management

Advanced text bookmarks navigation and management.

Web Pages

Aml Pages web page viewer
Support of web pages include integration with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Tables support

Aml Pages tables support
Aml Pages support of table in text.

Categories of nodes

Aml Pages - Categories of nodes

Categories (tags) for nodes. You can change colors and icons for any node quickly!

Easy-to-use web minning

Aml Assist plug-in screenshot
Usable pane of plug-in Aml Assist for fast data saving from Microsoft Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice and any applications. Drag data to this pane from any application… OK. Saving is complete!
  • Video tutorial: Video tutotial for Firefox see here.
  • Video tutorial: Video tutotial for Internet Explorer see here.
  • Sticky notes

    Sticky note as integral part of document
    Use sticky notes for quickly writing. Edit your texts easy. Any sticky note is part of your document.

    Many free plugins

    Aml Pages support plugins (addons)

    Aml Pages supports plugins for extension of features: web and data minning, favorites extension, advances export and import.

    Advanced Search

    Aml Pages search dialog

    Advanced web-like search in nodes, branches, entire document and other files.

    Nodes Filters

    Aml Pages filters
    Comfortable nodes filter by dates creation and\or last changes.

    Settings : Miscellaneous

    Aml Pages Settings : Miscellaneous

    Settings : Tree

    Aml Pages Settings : Tree Pane

    Settings : Text Editor

    Aml Pages Settings : Text Editor

    Settings : Actions

    Aml Pages Settings : Actions

    Export to CHM-format

    Aml2CHM plug-in screenshot
    Easily create help systems and knowledgebases from Your documents via plug-in Aml2CHM
    Video tutorial: See video tutorial here.

    UI Themes

    Aml2CHM plug-in screenshot
    You can change user interface themes quickly »»»

    Text Editor

    Aml Pages text editor
    Full support of formatted text with fonts, pictures and tables.

    Any file as attachment

    Aml Pages - Any file as attachment
    You can add any file as attachment into document.

    Hierarchical Tags

    Aml Pages - hierarchical tags
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