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Change log and release notes Aml Pages

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    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.86 build 2780 [13/07/2019]
    See here: as plain text.
    Download stable versions here. Annoucements of new versions in mailing list see here.

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  • Ctrl+Shift+T
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    New function and fixed in version 9.61 (build 2534) [April, 29, 2015] ]
    1. fixed: export nodes of formatted text (invalid encoding, see menu command "File\Export\Node");
    2. fixed: right folder view does not apply colors settings of lost focus;
    3. changed: formatting of RSS-news;
    4. fixed: change background color of text editor after selection node on tree;
    5. added: import from TreePad files (.hjt, see menu File\Import\Files);
    6. added: changing of pane backgroun on lost focus;
    7. added: new colors settings (see menu Tools\Settings, tab Appearance\Colors);
    8. added: accelerator Alt+2 for bottom pane;
    9. fixed: large CPU using when pane Comments is active;
    10. added: command "Translate To" into menu "Edit\Change Case";
    New function and fixed in version 9.60 (build 2531) [February, 27, 2015]
    1. added: new node inherit tags of parent node;
    2. added: F2 for renaming of nodes title;
    3. removed: plugin File2Aml (now Aml Pages supports attachments self);
    4. added: support viewing of documents via plugin Aml View 2.0;
    5. added: command "Properites" into pane Files;
    6. added: command "Show In Folder" into pane Files;
    7. impove of pane Files;
    8. some changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.59 (build 2528) [February, 1, 2015]
    1. added new pane Files;
    2. added new pane Siblings;
    3. added: check priveledges for writing for plugins folder on plugin installation (impersonation, start second copy as Admin);
    4. added: does not report about errors on openning files, when user cancelled action;
    5. removed: bold attribute from syntax hightlighting;
    6. added: attibute LVIS_CUT from pane "Files";
    7. fixed: attached files does not show before password for document will be entered;
    8. changed: navigation on pane Siblings;
    9. added: pane Siblings do not show tooltips, when tooltips disable on tree pane;
    10. fixed: invalid data on pane Siblins, when open document with password;
    11. enlarge delay for tooltip on pane Siblings;
    12. changed: navigation on pane Siblings;
    13. added: pane Siblings navigate on children nodes on double click;
    14. changed: names of nodes in menu "Favorites";
    15. updated: demo-document (added info about new plugins);
    16. added: saving data of attached files into document ater edition with externals tools;
    17. added: top tabs bar use 2 scrollers (and left, and right);
    18. added: show\hide bottom panels on Ctrl+Shift+T;
    19. added: setting "Show user name in window caption";
    20. added: does not autosave documents when user type text;
    21. added: press Tab on text editor navigate on cells in tables;
    22. changed: update of news in 1 time per day;
    New function and fixed in version 9.58 (build 2517) [December, 3, 2014]
    1. added: saving mode of bottom pane;
    2. added: show icons of plugins in menu commands;
    3. added: new version of plugin Favex 3.11;
    4. fixed: Plugin API no detect language on working with MFC-plugins;
    5. added: report about access priviledge for plugins directory;
    6. added: new version of plugin Aml Image 2.10;
    7. fixed: "Export Into HTML" does not export images from Aml Pages;
    8. fixed: import images from files;
    9. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.15;
    10. fixed: AmlAssistDirect.exe does not start when exit from Aml Pages;
    11. added: new plugin API for access to text editor;
    12. improve: drawing separators for menu command of plugins;
    13. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.05;
    14. added: new Plugin API;
    15. added: export into HTML, RTF (see menu File\Export);
    16. added: new plugin api for plugin Aml2Evernote;
    17. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.57 (build 2509) [November, 6, 2014]
    1. added: context menu show command of plugins with label "Plugins" on separator;
    2. added: support of UTF8 escape sequnces in hyperlinks;
    3. added: support openning of apd-hyperlinks (apd://path_to_node) from Evernote;
    4. changed: context menu of text editor show icons on commands;
    5. renamed command "Open As URL" into "Run";
    6. added: new command "Search On Google";
    7. added: new command "Search On Yandex";
    8. removed setting "Background of sticky notes as desktop";
    9. fixed: command "Open In External" remove lead space;
    10. added: new command of Plugin API: Aml_MakeApdLinkURL;
    11. added: new plugin Aml2LeaderTask;
    12. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.04;
    13. added: new features for Plugin API (embedding in menu Export);
    14. added: when open popup menu, hide right bar;
    15. fixed: invalid text color on pane Header;
    16. added: new filters by tags - AND, OR;
    17. added: export document into XML-files (see menu File\Export);
    18. added: "Edit\Delete CR\LF";
    19. added: setting "Animate Editor On Open";
    20. added: delayed restoring of icon on system tray after restart Explorer.exe;
    21. added: building of nodes tree on idle;
    22. added: command "Full Screen" hide right side-bar;
    23. fixed: highlighting of bookmarks background mark text as unsaved;
    24. fixed: invalid margins in Text Editor at startup with documents;
    25. fixed: parsing hyperlinks;
    26. changed: font and color of Header pane;
    27. fixed: changing of nodes, if enabled "Highlight Bookmarks Background"
    28. fixed: invalid navigation on hyperlinks in text editor when hide right side-bar;
    29. fixed: command "Move To" do not show sibling nodes;
    30. fixed: does not work export of RTF-nodes into file;
    31. fixed: navigation on hyperlink does not save previous node on history;
    New function and fixed in version 9.56 (build 2501) [October, 13, 2014]
    1. added: setting "Animate Editor On Open";
    2. fixed: invalid navigation on hyperlinks in text editor when hide right side-bar;
    3. fixed: command "Move To" do not show sibling nodes;
    4. fixed: does not work export of RTF-nodes into file;
    5. added: delayed restoring of icon on system tray after restart Explorer.exe;
    6. added: building of nodes tree on idle;
    7. added: command "Full Screen" hide right side-bar;
    8. fixed: navigation on hyperlink does not save previous node on history;
    9. added new macroses $URL_FROM_SELTEXT$, $URL_FROM_SELTEXT_TEXT_AFTER$ into text templates;
    10. added: command "Full Screen" hide right side-bar;
    11. fixed: dialog "Select Node" does not find node by title;
    12. added: Back + Forward command on XButton up;
    13. added: bookmarks pane show filters by dates;
    14. added: "Collapse All" on Ctrl+Ctrl;
    15. removed: setting "Show Bookmarks Menu On Ctrl+Ctrl";
    16. fixed: does not insert bookmark on Ctrl+W;
    17. fixed: openning apd-hyperlinks when Aml Pages already running;
    18. added: new setting "Highlight Bookmars Background"
    19. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.12;
    20. added: dialog "Properties" show file size of document;
    21. added: new dialog Colors (see Options);
    22. added: minimum line spacing (see dialog Para);
    23. "About dialog" show APD:// protocol handler;
    24. added: report about new version show hyperlink to portable version;
    25. improved: dialog for creation of hyperlinks;
    New function and fixed in version 9.55 (build 2490) [August, 31, 2014]
    1. improved: dialog for creation of hyperlinks;
    2. added: minimum line spacing (see dialog Para);
    3. added: report about new version show hyperlink to portable version;
    4. fixed: click on button "Close" does not break search;
    5. fixed: History use color of font of tree (instead of text editor);
    6. added: command "Show In Tree" for search results;
    7. added new version of plugin File2Aml 2.01;
    8. added: right bar hide on key\mouse pressing in text editor;
    9. changed: more info about plugins on command "Plugin\Install Plugin";
    10. fixed: drawing of selected node of tree after horizontale scrolling;
    11. fixed: does not work "Paste As Plain Text" on nodes of text with formatting;
    12. added plugin File2Aml;
    13. fixed: drawing of toolbar on pane News;
    14. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.02;
    15. added: command of colors of nodes available from text editor;
    16. changed: nodes as plain text will be export in encoding UTF-8;
    17. removed: setting "Show Pane Tools On Start"
    New function and fixed in version 9.54 (build 2484) [May, 30, 2014]
    1. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.02;
    2. added: command of colors of nodes available from text editor;
    3. changed: nodes as plain text will be export in encoding UTF-8;
    4. removed: setting "Show Pane Tools On Start"
    5. changed: menu of colors of node (text color, background color);
    6. removed: pane "Tools" does not show when mouse move under right part of main window Aml Pages;
    7. added: syntax highlighting into sticky notes;
    8. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.11 (fixed: encoding on saving of web pages as plain text);
    9. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 2.02 (fixed: lost focus on sticky notes);
    10. plugin installation: show version numbers of DLL;
    11. added: History pane show name of document;
    12. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.10 (New impl of "As Sticky Note");
    13. fixed: format of date\time with custom format when keyboard layout non-English;
    14. changed: plugins engine and new plugin API;
    15. added: command "Plugins\Install Plugin" (installation plugins from ZIP-archive);
    16. improve: auto-detect of web-page encoding;
    17. added: new version of plugin Aml Image 2.00;
    18. released: new version of plugin Aml2Dropbox 2.00;
    19. released: new version of plugin File2Aml 2.00;
    20. updated: help file;
    21. fixed: command "Help\Topics" does not open help-file;
    22. fixed: invalid menu tooltips on pane history;
    23. added: check connection to Internet, when download news on start of Aml Pages;
    24. added: text drag-n-drop - copy text to target if CTRL pressed;
    25. fixed: loading of text templates;
    26. changed: reformat HTML-code on News pane after command "Mark All Read";
    27. added new setting of History pane: "Exclude document with passwords" (see context menu);
    28. added: Unicode-version of ColorDlg.dll;
    29. added: new command "Help\Change License Data";
    30. fixed: does not work "Find In Titles";
    31. added: filtering on pane History by first typed letters;
    32. added: hyperlink "What is Quick Settings" on Settings dialog;
    33. added: confirmation on writing of old documents by new version;
    34. fixed: cannot add node into Favorites;
    35. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 2.01;
    36. added: new version of plugin Themes 3.01;
    37. fixed: "Change Case\Lower\Upper";
    38. added: Unicode support;
    39. added: registration of license from ZIP-file;
    40. added: filtering on bookmarks pane (see filters: Today, Yesterday and etc);
    41. bookmarks pane has numbered list;
    42. added: accelerator Ctrl+0 for command "Collapse All";
    43. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 1.50 with Unicode support;
    44. added: new version of plugin AutoReplace 2.00 with Unicode support;
    45. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.02 (Unicode support);
    46. added: new version of plugin Themes 3.00 with Unicode support;
    47. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.00 with Unicode support;
    48. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 2.0;
    49. added: new version of plugin PlacementRestorere with Unicode support;
    50. fixed: does not check news from RSS in background mode;
    51. fixed: changed icons of bookmarks pane;
    52. added: tooltips on bookmarks pane show of creation date;
    53. fixed: openning of documents from shell;
    54. changed: RSS news download at startup with delaying and background mode;
    55. chaned: bookmarks pane show current bookmark;
    56. fixed: categories menu do not show root categories;
    New function and fixed in version 9.53 (build 2458) [April, 24, 2014]
    1. changed: title of main window show correct number of version;
    2. added: command "Change Case\Translate To";
    3. changed: colors of tree pane;
    4. many small changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.52 (build 2454) [April, 6, 2014]
    1. added: deletion of item on press DELETE in History pane;
    2. added: command line key /startfind (start search on document);
    3. added: installer suggest other our products (hyperlinks);
    4. fixed: hiding of right pane when mouse under tabs bar;
    5. fixed: operation with text in Unicode-version of Aml Pages;
    6. added: node background color;
    7. added: tags pane show data with filters;
    8. added: choosing of categories from context menu of tree;
    9. added: delayed navigation on bookmarks pane;
    10. added: new indication of current bookmark in text editor (by red marker);
    11. added: choosing of tree colors from menu;
    12. added: delayed navigation on tags pane;
    13. added: syntax highlighting for Visual Basic 2013, Win-DOS commands;
    14. changed: notification balloon for unreaded news;
    15. fixed: animation of text editor on selection of nodes;
    16. fixed: resize of right tabs;
    17. updated demo-document;
    18. changed: double click on tree expand parent node;
    New function and fixed in version 9.51 (build 2448) [March, 19, 2014]
    1. changed: balloon about news restore Aml Pages from system tray;
    2. fixed: command "Edit\Case" does not mark document as changed;
    3. added: ballon on receiving of news;
    4. removed: tabs on top on tools pane;
    5. fixed: does not save text afer encoding;
    6. added: tabs for tools pane;
    7. added: incremental search for history pane;
    8. fixed: history pane does not show data;
    9. changed URL group on Facebook;
    New function and fixed in version 9.50 (build 2444) [February, 13, 2014] (include version 9.49)
    1. changed: history pane save data into ini-file;
    2. menu Favorites: indication current node by other colors;
    3. changed: pane history show tooltips on left;
    4. fixed: pahe history show tooltip after deletion of item;
    5. fixed: new tag no show on menu;
    6. changed: formatting of News;
    7. changed: icon of button "Fix"';
    8. fixed: drawing of categories menu;
    9. added: right bar menu on right click on right border;
    10. fixed: show right bar on changing of size of main window;
    11. added new pane "News";
    12. added: button tools on main toolbar;
    13. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.87 (added: insertion of Text+URL into node after drag-n-drop);
    14. fixed: auto-hide of right pane under Windows7;
    15. changed: font for tooltips of left pane;
    16. fixed: error messages for sorting of history pane;
    17. added: Undo for history pane;
    18. changed: deletion of history items without confirmation;
    19. added: deletion of history items on click on state icon;
    20. fixed: do not hide menu tooltip, when menu tooltips is disabled;
    21. fixed: tree drag-n-drop (double copies, do no save text of node);
    22. added: auto-hiding of pane tools;
    23. added: extended tooltips for pane tools;
    24. small changes;
    25. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.48 (build 2431) [December, 3, 2013] (include version 9.47)
    1. added: Tabs bar - button show current mode via text;
    2. fixed: does not show node after drag-n-drop to Aml Assist pane in filter mode;
    3. added: tooltips for toolbar buttons show accelerator keys;
    4. added: setting "Show bar Tools on start always";
    5. fixed: crash on document openning;
    6. fixed: state of parent nodes on openning;
    7. changed: report about new versions;
    8. added: button "Collaps All" on left side-bar;
    9. added: command "Tags Of Parent" for new node dialog;
    10. fixed: vertical scroll in text editor, if use syntax highlighting;
    11. added: context menu for button "Print";
    12. fixed: empty page on printing;
    13. updates: demo-documents;
    14. full screen mode: hide tabs bar, left side bar, Tools bar;
    15. added: hint on pane History;
    16. added: icons on pane History;
    17. fixed: saving of data of pane History;
    18. pane "Latest" renamed to "History";
    19. pane History: openning of nodes by double click;
    20. added: format as list with period;
    21. added: dialog "About Aml Pages" - button "Check For Updates";
    22. fixed: drawing of item on pane Tools under interface Theme "Magenta Plain";
    23. added: removing empty items from pane Tools on closing of document;
    24. added: accelerator Alt+R for pane Tools;
    25. added new version Aml Assist 2.86;
    26. added: new pane Tools;
    27. disable drag-n-drop of folder of sticky notes;
    28. fixed: gray background of pane of folder;
    29. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.46 (build 2416) [September, 21, 2013]
    1. added: accelerator Ctrl+6, Ctrl+7 for commands "Format\List\Levels"
    2. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.84;
    3. added new version of plugin Themes;
    4. added: hightlighting and openning hyperlinks to apd-documents on text editor;
    5. added button "Copy Link" into dialog of properties of node;
    6. fixed: open link to Aml Pages, if running;
    7. fixed: do not expand nodes on drag-n-drop;
    8. removed: setting "Gray Background Color On Read-Only Mode"
    9. fixed: search of nodes in dialog for plugins;
    10. fixed: plugins engine (extended messageboxes);
    11. added: tooltips for pane of bookmarks;
    12. fixed: crash on search of bookmarks;
    13. quick search by titles: context menu has latest find strings;
    14. fixed: menu for splitter;
    15. removed tabs "As List" from left-side bar;
    16. fixed: accelerator Ctrl+1 does not work;
    17. added: Ctrl+5 for choosing of tabs bar modes;
    18. changed: URL of official forum in English (;
    19. added: chevron menu on tree bar has command "Show Text";
    20. added: tree pane support selection of nodes by click on right from node text;
    21. added: tags field expand on Control+Enter;
    22. fixed: filter by tags do not show children nodes;
    23. fixed: no scrollable tags field;
    24. chaged: left pane mode change by Ctrl+1-4;
    25. Ukrainian version of Aml Pages 9.46 released;
    26. added: new feature command "Create New CHILD node";
    27. Added: new feature to create a use set of Tabs;
    28. added: copy-paste of nodes with tags;
    29. added: commands "Nodes\Position\Left\Right";
    30. In the presence of unsaved changes window Aml Pages uses the overlay icon in the taskbar;
    31. Forbidden attribute editing hyperlinks in the text editor;
    32. Insert hyperlinks to the file is stored in the settings of the selected mode;
    33. added: new version of plugin FavEx 2.51;
    34. command: "Change Flag" on menu has user icon;
    35. added: new version of plugin FavEx 2.50 (do not save links to folders);
    36. creation of child sub-nodes: use syntax highlighting of parent node;
    37. added: renaming of nodes in tags pane;
    38. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 2.04 (supports export of children nodes);
    39. changed: window "Move To" may be maximize at double click on caption;
    40. added: management of tags as default (see the file Tags.ini in program folder, or hyperlink in dialog "About Aml Pages");
    41. added: children sub-nodes has italic font on right pane;
    42. added: on selection in right pane higlight this node in tree pane;
    43. added: accelerators Ctrl+Alt+Left\Right for commands history of navigation;
    44. Tabs Bar: Button controls are now on the left;
    45. Properties dialog page in the header title of the page;
    46. The default setting is to use flashes when you start the settings dialog of the paragraph;
    47. fixed: drawing text with ampersand on tree;
    48. updated demo-documents;
    49. changed: highlight buttons "Back\Forward" if history is empty;
    50. fixed: mimize main window on Escapte when edit headers in tags pane;
    51. changed: Tags pane show nodes with trash icon, if node has been removed to trash folder;
    52. fixed: invalid initialization of right pane on openning of document, if selected web page;
    53. fixed: draw icon of flag in tree pane, if use large fonts;
    54. tree pane: flag icons show beetween standard icon and text of node;
    55. fixed: crash on search of bookmarks;
    56. changed: auto-save settings as default (enabled, timeout 3 minutes);
    57. fixed: dragging of multiple items from right pane into tree pane;
    58. changed: Ctrl+Alt+D use for creation of child nodes;
    59. changed: tree folders show icon of folder always;
    60. changed: context menu of tree pane;
    61. changed: sticky notes show tab on Taskbar when no topmost mode;
    62. Tabs Bar: menu has icons;
    63. Added: search show results count;
    New function and fixed in version 9.45 (build 2388) [July, 2, 2013]
    1. removed: management of icons for nodes;
    2. Backup explorer: read data as background mode;
    3. changed: animation on listctrl (search, backup explorer);
    4. added: system menu of main window, command "Save All";
    5. new: changing\saving of document change the icon of main window;
    6. fixed: do not save cursor position on nodes navigation;
    7. changed: document windows open as maximized always;
    8. fixed: save setting "Max text length on tabs bar";
    9. changed: shevron menu for tab bar limited by 80 symbols;
    10. fixed: do not save syntax highlighting after creation of node;
    11. fixed: new node has text of previous selected node;
    12. Font bar has frequently used sized (6-14);
    13. added: insertion hyperlink to files after drag-n-drop: as list or as space;
    14. fixed: changing left pane to tree do not change text of editor;
    15. changed: accelerator keys for changing of mode of left pane;
    16. improved building of tree sub-branches;
    17. changed: font of Header bar;
    New function and fixed in version 9.44 (build 2382) [June, 10, 2013]
    1. added: new left pane "Tags" (nodes grouped by tags);
    2. added: insertion hyperlinks to files after drag-n-drop files into text editor;
    3. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.83;
    4. new version of plugin FavEx 2.45;
    5. the toobars "Standard" and "Document" join in single toolbar;
    6. added new version of plugin Placement Restorer (added save\restore auto);
    7. plugins engine: added events AEC_STARTAMLPAGES, AEC_CLOSEMAINWND;
    8. changed: setting "Animate Editor When Nodes Opens" is enabled as default (see quick options, Experimental);
    9. added setting "Show TITLE for URLs" (editor settings);
    10. do not repaint tags pane on hiding of left pane;
    11. changed: after deletion tree item select sibling item;
    12. fixed: changing of UI theme marks tags as changes;
    13. fixed: removing many nodes from left tags pane;
    14. tab bar show icons of nodes;
    15. tag input: use font MS Shell Dlg;
    16. fixed: tags input paste text with formatting;
    17. changed: asynchronous send data beetween instances of Aml Pages
    18. fixed: disable Tabs bar;
    19. fixed: crash on command "File\New\Alphabetical List\Daily Book";
    20. added: disable reminder about soon expiring of period of free updates;
    21. released Ukrainian version of Aml Pages 9.44;
    22. added: Tabs Bar mode save with a document data;
    23. added: reminder about soon expiring of period of free updates;
    24. fixed: animation of text editor on nodes opens if use read-only mode;
    25. changed: dialog for selection nodes draw hint on building of tree;
    26. added: Node Tabs - right button change icon for different modes of tabs;
    27. added: new quick setting "Animate Editor When Nodes Opens" (see quick options);
    28. fixed: flicking of comboboxes on Font toolbar;
    29. added: if available use only vertical scrolling for Ensurevisible of tree;
    30. fixed: Editor toolbars reposition;
    31. fixed: invalid setup of tags if node no has tag and type new tag (if active pane of nodes grouped by tags);
    32. fixed: top most command for sticky notes;
    33. fixed: do not shot tip of the day on auto-start;
    34. fixed: Font bar is invisible, if hide bar "Format";
    35. fixed: drawing hotlighted menu items on menu bar;
    36. fixed: do not show icon on system tray on auto-start;
    37. some small changes and bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.43 (build 2362) [April, 15, 2013]
    1. added: nested list into text editor;
    2. added: placeholder for text editor;
    3. added: tooltips for command of settings;
    4. added: PATH and plugins list in "About" dialog;
    5. added: information about plugins error has error code and description;
    6. added command into dialog of settings "Integrate Aml Pages into shell"
    7. choosing of icon on tree after double click (but now single);
    8. fixed: can not delete empty recycled bin;
    9. fixed: invalid data for dialog "Insert List";
    10. added: sorting of tree nodes by numbers (if node heades has number only);
    11. disabled setting: "Show sticky notes in tree";
    12. fixed: icons on folder on tree for Windows Vista\7;
    13. added: command line key /NNF (not auto-opend documents, no create new documents);
    14. fixed: delayed completion on tree on keyboard navigation;
    15. changed: chevron menu on tree toolbar use menu, but not send command message as default;
    16. fixed: crash afrer dragging RTF-file on closed folder on tree;
    17. fixed: installer no create shortcut on desktop in unchecked;
    18. fixed: safety copying of data in "About" dialog;
    19. folder: expand\collapse on space up;
    20. removed: changing flags of node on space up;
    21. integrate Aml Pages into shell on start only on first running;
    22. fixed: crash on pressing ALT in sticky notes;
    23. changed: font of dialogs now is MS Shell Dlg;
    24. fixed: text does not show after command "Hide 5 sec" in sticky notes;
    25. fixed: padding of buttons on toolbars after restroring from system tray;
    26. small changes and bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.42 (build 2348) [February, 8, 2013]
    1. fixed: invalid drag-n-drop on nodes without confirmation;
    2. fixed: paste plain text from Mozilla Firefox;
    3. added command "Arrange";
    4. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 1.32;
    5. fixed: invalid file names on saving with long name of file;
    6. fixed: drag-n-drop many nodes from right pane into tree;
    7. added: allow management of Favorites if document is read-only;
    8. fixed: paste formmatted text with pictures from clipboard;
    9. added: allow paste into sticky note folder;
    10. fixed: tree do not show user icon afer paste node from clipboard;
    11. added: description of TwinkiePaste into "Check For Updates";
    12. added: editor hide tooltips on lost focus;
    13. added: settings "Delay on auto-start of Aml Pages" (see menu "Tools\Settings", tab "Miscellaneous");
    14. added: command "Export" into menu of sticky note;
    15. command line keys: analyze no case sensitive;
    16. menu on pane tabs show all tabs (include visible);
    17. changed: hide menu tooltip after hiding of main window;
    18. small changes and bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.41 (build 2344) [January, 21, 2013]
    1. added: navigation on button in extended MessageBox at arrows buttons;
    2. added: information about Web browser as default;
    3. added: Web charset in properties of node;
    4. removing not used tags from engine on closing document;
    5. added: setting "Show Status On Document Tabs" (see menu View\Toolbars);
    6. added: import files into folder after dragging on tree;
    7. disabled command "Background Picture" if used RichEdit 2.0;
    8. using RichEdit 4.1 as default;
    9. fixed: detection of Windows version;
    New function and fixed in version 9.40 (build 2342) [January, 6, 2013]
    1. commands "Create Copies" is allowed for sticky notes folder;
    2. selection nodes: does not show nodes in recycled bin;
    3. fixed: hide menu tooltip after command "Change Size" in sticky notes;
    4. added: creation nodes list by numbers;
    5. changed: delayed building of tree in dialog "Select Node";
    6. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.82 (added: correctly encoding of text on hotkey pressing);
    7. added new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 1.31 (added: statistics of word usage);
    8. added: "Select Node" dialog support navigation by Favorites (command "Copies", plugin Aml Assist);
    9. removed setting "Activate Editor on Selection Node at mouse";
    10. fixed: line drawing in nodes properties dialog;
    11. removed tooltips for command of system menu;
    12. fixed: create node without icons after confirmation dialog;
    13. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.39 (build 2339) [December, 3, 2012]
    1. Favorites menu: use reg color for selected node;
    2. Favorites menu: show nodes icons;
    3. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.81 (added: capture text from anywhere + adding into notes);
    4. choosing of icon on click on tree icon;
    5. added: header into bookmarks pane;
    6. improve search of bookmarks on document;
    7. new version of plugin Themes 2.40;
    8. bookmarks pane: added command "Display In Tree" into context menu;
    9. new demo-document sample.apd;
    10. added menu command: "Help\Tips And Tricks";
    11. changed bookmarks pane: on mouse over shown date created of bookmark in status bar;
    12. added: navigation on document panels on Ctrl+Alt+Space;
    13. added: delete bookmarks from left pane;
    14. added: import text files in Unicode encoding;
    15. fixed: invalid encoding of text after insertion from Google Chrome;
    16. removed: color of nodes from menu Favorites;
    17. fixed: unavailable command "Create Node" after changing mode of left pane (Tree-Bookmarks-Tree);
    18. fixed: invalid scrolling position after changing mode of bookmarks pane (All bookmarks\Node bookmarks);
    19. removed: navigation beetween panels at Shift+Shift (use Ctrl+Alt+Space);
    20. bookmarks pane: fixed restoring of selected item after re-sort;
    21. removed: colored items from bookmarks pane;
    22. improve: menu Help openning;
    23. fixed: selection bookmark in pane afer insertion;
    24. changed: use RichEdit 2.0 as default;
    25. fixed: selection items in chevron menu on toolbars;
    26. fixed: empty bookmark name in pane (bookmark before hyperlink);
    27. removed: documents tabs placement option;
    28. changed: Ctrl+Alt+B recheck current bookmark in text editor (is exist - delete, no - insert);
    New function and fixed in version 9.38 (build 2333) [November, 15, 2012]
    1. improve: work of filter by tags;
    2. added: Polish version of Aml Pages;
    3. fixed: crash on right click on spin-button in tabs bar;
    4. removed: tooltip for invisible tabs in tabs bar;
    5. added: multiple choosing of tags from context menu of pane folder;
    6. improve saving of text into document by plugins kernel (e.g. plugin Aml Assist);
    7. added: allow sticky notes for read-only documents with saving of position;
    8. improve: getting of titles for URL in text editor;
    9. added: RichEdit path into dialog "About programs";
    10. nodes filters: current page already exist in filter;
    11. fixed: Get title of web pages in UTF8 encoding;l
    12. fixed: changing of document if has two or more sticky notes (on openning);
    13. fixed: menu tooltip is empty first time;
    14. changed: change Richedit settings, if has error on creation document;
    15. button Find show menu instead start search in document;
    16. favorites menu contains command "Disable Filter";
    17. fixed: search localized file of tips of the day;
    18. fixed: insertion of hyperlinks with symbols "<", ">";
    19. some changes in user interface;
    20. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.37 (build 2322) [October, 31, 2012]
    1. added: choosing of tags in dialog "Create New Node";
    2. added: choose tags from sticky notes (see context menu);
    3. show TITLE for URL from Internet (background mode, see quick settings menu, learn more);
    4. added new version of plugin FavEx 2.44;
    5. tree toolbar has shevron now;
    6. changed timeout for editor tooltip;
    7. fixed: document toolbars layout under WindowsVista\7;
    8. fixed: caption of sticky notes under Windows Vista\7;
    9. fixed: clipboard context menu, if clipboard is empty;
    10. removed: managing of color of node in dialog "Create New Node";
    11. fixed: width of tooltips in dialog "Create New node";
    12. fixed: minimize in system tray after many seconds;
    13. fixed: closing of documents with saving of sticky notes positions;
    14. fixed: "Hide 5 secs" does not change of document;
    15. "Hide 5 secs" moved to root menu;
    16. added: accelerator Ctrl+H for command "Hide 5 secs";
    17. changed: animated closing of sticky notes;
    18. fixed: changing of document with sticky notes on openning;
    19. added: new user polls;
    20. changed: order of tabs on left side-bar;
    21. changed: new accelerators keys for left pane mode;
    22. fixed: minimization main window without user activity;
    23. changed installer;
    24. fixed: tag pane layout;
    25. fixed: change of document if start settings of Aml Pages;
    26. added: icon "as sticky note" show state;
    27. added: button "As Sticky Note" on header-bar;
    28. changed: single click on icon of node show properties dialog;
    29. added: hot-tracking of custom buttons on sticky notes;
    30. fixed: custom buttons on windows caption of sticky notes for Windows Vista\7 (no Aero);
    31. added setting: "Allow custom buttons on window caption of sticky notes";
    32. added: command "Minimize To Header" on context menu of sticky notes;
    33. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.36 (build 2305) [August, 7, 2012]
    1. fixed: crash on file openning (common dialogs bug);
    2. tags pane: added handling of standard hotkeys (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Shift+A, Shift+Delete);
    3. improve CPU usage in background mode;
    4. changed user activity detection (without hooks);
    5. information about version: added info about active code page;
    6. registration: now can drag dat-file into main window;
    7. fixed: registration in localized Windows versions;
    8. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.72;
    9. document tabs show state (pinned, open on start);
    10. added nodes filter "By Tags";
    11. added nodes filter "No Tags";
    12. added: command "Filter By Tags This Node";
    13. tags pane: use comma as delimitter;
    14. added: menu tooltip for tags commands;
    15. added: menu tooltip for editor tips;
    16. added: new version of plugin FavEx 2.43;
    17. added setting "Start Aml Assist at exit from Aml Pages";
    18. added: nodes number in menu of filters by tags;
    19. added new plugin "Placement Restorer" (control of AP window placement);
    20. fixed: font for tags pane;
    21. changed: format of tags (added active codepage of Windows);
    22. changed: registration mechanism;
    23. fixed: menu tooltips for text templates commands;
    24. enlarge timeout of edition mode in unregistered version;
    25. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.35 (build 2291) [May, 14, 2012]
    1. added tags of nodes;
    2. added support for saving images into the web pages of documents Aml Pages (to view without having to connect to the network);
    3. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.70;
    4. numbers of installed tags on tooltip of tags pane;
    5. added new version of demo-document;
    6. some buf fixes for "Check for updates" command;
    7. fixed: command "Create Copy Of Node";
    8. removed command: "Text Templates Toolbar";
    9. plugins are no added of commands to the menu of system tray;
    10. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.34 (build 2283) [April, 14, 2012]
    1. fixed: building of bookmarks menu;
    2. added setting "Navigation at Shift+Shift";
    3. added: navigation between panels at Shift+Shift;
    4. new versions of plugin Aml Assist 2.68 (fixed: submenu creation);
    5. fixed: no activate web pages at Up,Down on tree ;
    6. new tips of the day;
    7. added nodes filter "With Comments" (nodes, which has user comment);
    8. added nodes filter "With Attached Files" (nodes, with attached files by plugin File2Aml);
    9. added setting "Start Aml Assist On Exit" (see quick setting menu);
    10. "Check for updates" dialog on taskbar (on start from systray menu);
    11. command "Cancel Filter" moved to top menu;
    12. many small corrections and bug-fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.33 (build 2279) [March, 27, 2012]
    1. new license management (required receiving of new license data: Home or Personal license);
    2. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.67;
    3. Enter on tree set focus to text editor;
    4. fixed: crash on start portable version in Vista\7;
    5. "About dlg" show on taskbar if started from tray;
    6. changed: "SH warnings" is disabled as default;
    7. changed: "Text Statistics" report;
    8. many small changes and bug fixes;
    9. added filter "Only Sticky Notes";
    10. improve: bookmarks search;
    11. added: bookmars create or delete in web editor;
    12. added: bookmarks of web pages;
    13. improve: text statistics;
    14. improve "About" dialog;
    15. new version of plugin Themes;
    16. changed Themes Plugin API;
    17. added hyperlink to portable version;
    18. new version of plugin AAC 1.28;
    19. delayed marquee on mouse move on new report;
    20. improve toobars of text editor;
    21. fixed: crash on auto-opennings of documents, is drive is unavailable;
    22. new demo-document sample.apd;
    23. new English help;
    24. fixed: advanced MessageBox`es in Plugin API;
    25. Font toolbar is hidden as default in Windows Vista;
    26. renamed: background color -> highlight color;
    27. new version of plugin FavEx 2.41;
    28. many bug fixes and changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.32 (build 2269) [January, 27, 2012]
    1. added: search by bookmarks;
    2. added import pictures files into nodes (see menu "File\Import\Files");
    3. new nag-screen dialog;
    4. added support of plugins into sticky notes;
    5. menu with hidden tabs in Alphabet order in Tabs bar;
    6. added new hotkeys;
    7. new version of plugin Aml2Dropbox 1.20;
    8. delayed saving data from plugin IE2Aml;
    9. delayed sync of text from text editor to sticky notes;
    10. added: selected item border color for tree pane (see settings);
    11. new version of plugin FavEx 2.42 (added multiple deletion);
    12. new version of Aml Assist 2.62 (added setting "Over Taskbar");
    13. delayed start of backups explorer;
    14. added: context menu on Shift+F10 into Search By Titles\Bookmarks;
    15. new english demo-document (sample.apd);
    16. added command "New Node" in context menu on left side-bar;
    17. added new version of plugin Aml Image;
    18. added command: "Remove Hyperlink" for editor of web pages;
    19. added commad: "Empty Undo" for text editor;
    20. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.64 (report about results of insertion data);
    21. added: button "Insert Horizontale Line" on toolbar of text editor;
    22. changed order of buttons in caption of sticky notes;
    23. improve openning of documents with nodes for navigation (openning of documents from plugins FavEx, Aml Assist and etc.);
    24. fixed: import of web pages with encoding as Unicode;
    25. fixed: button "Categories" on toolbar of tree pane;
    26. sticky notes is visible at Alt+Tab;
    27. added: document name into tooltip on tray for sticky notes;
    28. added: link to RSS into empty main window;
    29. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.63 (saving after data insertion, some many changes);
    30. added: new voting (see popup menu for button "Open");
    31. changed: as default sticky notes mininize in system tray;
    32. sticky notes: minimize in system tray on Escape (if checked in settings);
    33. fixed: saving text from sticky notes on closing (if quickly open+change+close);
    34. added new reviews about Aml Pages on web site;
    35. changed: selected tree item do not change cASE of text;
    36. improve sorting of bookmarks;
    37. improve: animation on openning of sticky notes;
    38. fixed: drawing of buttons on sticky notes (by dragging);
    39. check files without MessageBox;
    40. new version of plugin IE2Aml 2.70 (separated, see on site);
    41. some many changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.31 (build 2257) [November, 25, 2011]
    1. delayed saving of text from sticky note (for largest textes)
    2. delayed sync of text from text editor to sticky note (for largest textes)
    3. re-scroll text after animated openning of sticky note;
    4. fixed: drawing of system menu for documents (Alt+F4 vs Ctrl+F4);
    5. added filter "Smallest Nodes";
    6. added: choosing of target node from Aml Assist (new version 2.53);
    7. added hot-icon on pane Header;
    8. sticky notes: added button "Pin On Right";
    9. added: support PC-plugins for web-pages;
    10. command: "Search By Titles" work as filter;
    11. buttons "Find" and "Replace" move to format toolbar;
    12. new version of plugin FavEx 2.31;
    13. support of cursor settings for sticky notes;
    14. fixed: search by titles (first search full subscring and next search by tokens);
    15. fast-copy of entire text: now copy without bookmarks;
    16. fixed: event of plugins for sticky notes;
    17. command: "Only This Branch" moved to filters;
    18. button "Find" moved to tree-toolbar;
    19. some many changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.30 (build 2253) [October, 24, 2011]
    1. added links to documentation into emty MDI-frame;
    2. fixed: drawing of icon button on dialog "New Node";
    3. added Alt+S for Save menu;
    4. fixed: changing zoom from menu "View\Text Zoom";
    5. text templated editor mark changes by asterisk in window caption;
    6. added menu tooltips into text templates editor;
    7. added text template macro-command $CLIPBOARD$;
    8. added: nodes filter "Largest Nodes";
    9. added: nodes filter "Oldest Nodes";
    10. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.51 (+ open last changed nodes as sticky notes from menu);
    11. Favorites menu: sort by alphabet;
    12. added text template macro-command $BOOKMARK$;
    13. new command for sticky note "Pin On Right" (see context meny by right click on caption of sticky notes);
    14. added new version of plugin AutoReplace 1.03 (many small fixes);
    15. move dialog "Move to" from any empty area;
    16. new style of dialog "Save As";
    17. move standard MessageBox`es from any area;
    18. added: show tooltip by click of middle button by menu command;
    19. added: F7 for node creation;
    20. use large font for selected items on tree;
    21. animated openinng of searhing dialogs;
    22. new version of plugin FavEx 2.30;
    23. dragging of advanced MessageBox`es on any area;
    24. fixed: setup of max buffer length of text editor;
    25. fixed: menu tooltip for command "Show Text On Buttons" (see tree toolbar);
    26. URL of forum changed to forum/;
    27. new icon of Aml Assist pane if Aml Pages not work;
    28. Backup Explorer: show items count;
    29. Find In Titles: fixed symbol "-";
    30. new english sample.apd;
    31. help-file is updated;
    32. changed URL of Facebook Aml Pages Users Group;
    33. fixed: using of bold font for checkboxes and radio-buttons;
    34. fixed: Ctrl+0, Ctrl+5 hotkey for search by titles;
    35. fixed: keyboard navigation in dialog "Search By Titles";
    36. toolbar "Text Templates" as disabled;
    37. bookmark markers draw on text editor with zoom;
    38. changed: default color and fonts settings (white theme);
    39. removed: setup ANSI charset for fonts of English version;
    40. resizable dialog "Move To";
    41. dialog "Move To" with title;
    42. fixed: command "Move To" from selected folder pane;
    43. fixed: bug on "Collapse All" from context menu of splitter;
    44. added: sticky notes, command "Close" do not show window from system tray;
    45. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.29 (build 2239) [September, 20, 2011]
    1. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.41;
    2. fixed: mouse cursor under context menu in text editor;
    3. fixed: insert hyperlink from clipboard;
    4. show tooltip on middle click on Tabs bar;
    5. fixed: bold attribute in nodes categories;
    6. enlarge: saving of search strings (500);
    7. improve: writing of search strings in settings;
    8. fixed: left click on hyperlinks in dialog "Check new version";
    9. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.40 (+confirmation before saving by hot key);
    10. fixed: border of buttons in extended MessageBox;
    11. added new commands: "Format\Templates" (managing of text templates);
    12. added: export of documents to XML-files
    13. new: allow drag-n-drop of nodes to sticky notes folder;
    14. added new plugin: Auto-Replace;
    15. added: command "Tree tooltips" on button New;
    16. added: Total Commander as handler for hyperlinks (see popup menu under links);
    17. added: paste folder path for hyperlinks to folder;
    18. added new version of plugin Aml Export 2.02;
    19. new version of plugin FavEx 2.20 (added limit of last changed nodes);
    20. added: Aml Assist - "detect drag-n-drop operations" settings;
    21. added: Aml Assist - tooltip after drag-n-drop start;
    22. added: running of exec-plugins from main frame window;
    23. Backup Explorer: backups limit in tooltip;
    24. changed: cursor on drag-n-drop between text editor and tree pane;
    25. removed: nodes selection dialog after drag-n-drop text editor to treee pane;
    26. backup explorer: tooltip contains backups number;
    27. backup explorer: added removing of backups;
    28. added: text template command $RN_IS_REQ$;
    29. fixed: icon for command "Delete" on context menu;
    30. new help and demo-document;
    31. fixed: Escape in dialog "Move To";
    32. changed: formatting as list from toolbar "Format";
    33. fixed: do not hide Aml Pages on Escape if dialog running;
    34. double click in backup explorer open the backup;
    35. fixed: URL parsing after space\tab;
    36. enlarge text limit before pasting from clipboard;
    37. fixed: enabled command of moving for search results nodes;
    38. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.28 (build 2227) [June, 17, 2011]
    1. added: Filter By Categories;
    2. added: Backup Explorer (see menu Tools);
    3. added "New Sticky Notes Folder" into splitter popup menu;
    4. added: new version of plugin Themes 2.25;
    5. impoove "Check For Updates" (background work);
    6. enlarge buffer for text editor by max;
    7. fixed: syntax highlighting after UI themes changing;
    8. fixed: accelerator keys Ctrl+Alt+K for text templates menu;
    9. removed ReadOnly attribute for the sample.apd;
    10. changed links for tips of the day;
    11. fixed: auto-detect charset of web pages;
    12. fixed: Themes plugin engine (query current and default UI themes);
    13. changed acelerators (Ctrl+K - insert hyperlink);
    14. removed: Ctrl+Shift+D for filter by dates command;
    15. fixed: resizing of float toolbars;
    New function and fixed in version 9.27 (build 2219) [May, 20, 2011]
    1. added command "Restart As Portable Mode" (see menu File);
    2. added: text length in status bar;
    3. added new nodes to the demo-document (sample.apd: added information about portable versions and etc);
    4. new version of UI themes management: Themes 2.21 (see to menu "View\Themes");
    5. added: supports of fonts in UI themes;
    6. added: new UI themes;
    7. changed buttons for tree pane toolbar (pressed button for Favorites and Categories, if node has);
    8. restore cursor position in text editor after text change in sticky note;
    9. changed: information about build in dialog "About" (added: OS, memory size);
    10. bold font for sortable column in list view;
    11. changed: Insert Hyperlink dialog;
    12. fixed: text drawing after closing calendar;
    13. fixed: bookmarks drawing on text after changing of read-only mode;
    14. fixed: paste from clipboard into new sticky note, if clipboard is empty;
    15. fixed: limit text in text editor and sticky note (enlarge buffer on-fly);
    16. impove: information about selection in web pages;
    17. fixed: menu drawing on settings;
    18. fixed: copying build information (select all info before copying);
    19. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.26 (build 2214) [April, 22, 2011]
    1. added: Fuzzy Search into command "Find By Titles";
    2. added: copying of hyperlinks on text editor;
    3. added: setting "Show bookmarks menu on Ctrl+Ctrl";
    4. added: link to French version (see menu "Tools\Language");
    5. auto-alignment of last column for left list pane;
    6. added: information about window class name of text editor;
    7. added: new version of plugin AAC (some bug fixes);
    8. results on "Find By Titles" show in find-dialog;
    9. changed: refresh bookmarks after command "Expand All", "Collapse All";
    10. fixed: lost selection of bookmark on background search;
    11. changed: setting of web pages;
    12. fixed: copying of hyperlinks for selected text;
    13. changed: settings of text editor;
    14. changed: settings of tree;
    15. changed: drawing of selected bookmarks in all bookmarks panels;
    16. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.25 (build 2204) [March, 28, 2011]
    1. added: views of node bookmarks and bookmarks of entire document;
    2. added: changing of left views by Ctrl+Alt+J;
    3. new toolbar on tree pane;
    4. new confirmation dialog on creation of new node;
    5. activation of right pane after node creation;
    6. check for updates: show hot news of projects;
    7. allow change of links path by manually (Insert Hyperlink dialog);
    8. added: indication of bookmarks search;
    9. changed quick settings;
    10. left side bar has small font;
    11. added quick setting "Use RichEdit 2.0";
    12. capture of input of link navigation;
    13. changed: context menu of splitter;
    14. invert colors use for entire bookmarks only;
    15. fixed: double click on buttons on left side bar;
    16. changed tips bar;
    17. fixed: parsing of hyperlinks on pasting from clipboard;
    18. many small corrections and refactoring;
    New function and fixed in version 9.24 (build 2194) [March, 4, 2011]
    1. new check for updates kernel;
    2. added: command "Open As URL" open link under mouse cursor;
    3. allow link navigation if pressed key Ctrl;
    4. new features for ico-saving;
    5. added command "Show Dialog For New nodes" for button "Create" and quick settings;
    6. added "Join mailing list" into installer;
    7. german beta-version is available;
    8. portuguese beta-version is available;
    9. french beta-version is available;
    10. fixed: comments editon (change the main window title with * symbol);
    11. command "Sort\Manually" renamed;
    12. fixed: toolbars management from context menu on toolbars;
    13. removed command "Format\Disabled";
    14. fixed: icons for folder;
    15. changed: document tabs control by right click on tab;
    16. fixed: IE path detection;
    17. updated help file;
    18. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.23 (build 2187) [February, 12, 2011]
    1. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.33 (fixed: startup from AmlAssistDirect in portable mode, added encoding to system code page on saving as plain text after drag-n-drop);
    2. added: indication of icons search on status bar;
    3. added French version of Aml Pages;
    4. allow edit of web pages (menu Edit\HTML\Edit);
    5. added submenu Icons to tree menu;
    6. added setting "Show Data Last Modified" for tree pane;
    7. added command "Exclude Folders" on context menu of Tabs Bar;
    8. added new version of plugin FavEx 2.18 (extended management of favorites);
    9. added new version of plugin Aml Image 1.04 (without comman in Insert menu under newest vesions of Aml Pages);
    10. added new version of plugin IE2Aml 2.62;
    11. added icons library APIconsLib.icl;
    12. changed Aml Pages Plugin API;
    13. added: charset auto-detection to "find" commands;
    14. removed: auto-scroll of top\bottom of visible text area by mouse navigation;
    15. command "Quick Search" renamed into "Find In Titles";
    16. button "Search" is available always;
    17. changed: context menu of splitter of tree and editor;
    18. changed setting of tree menu (see command "Customize Menu");
    19. command "To Header" trim lead spaces;
    20. fixed: confirmation dialog for new nodes;
    21. changed icons for Quick search;
    22. changed: tooltip for hyperlinks (detection is exist file)
    23. updated English help file;
    24. many small corrections
    New function and fixed in version 9.22 (build 2177) [January, 17, 2011]
    1. now: text editor detect invalid hyperlinks to files;
    2. hyperlinks of web pages to files open in new window of web browser;
    3. critical bug fix for Plugins engine (correctly reload plugins);
    4. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.28 (FavEx items on root menu in AmlAssistDirect mode);
    5. new version of plugin FavEx 2.15 (some bug fixes);
    6. added command "Show In Tree" to tabs bar context menu;
    7. added new version of pligin Aml Assist 2.27 (added support of URL format);
    8. added new events for Plugin API;
    9. added accelerator Alt+K for command Insert Hyperlink;
    10. added: undo (redo) action name (toolbar and menu tooltips);
    11. web page editor: added color choosing dialog;
    12. web page editor: added font and background color;
    13. added quote of Edsger Deijkstra to splash-screen;
    14. added: information about error on openning of hyperlinks;
    15. added command "Edit Web Page" to toolbar "Document"
    16. error icon of tooltip for invalid hyperlinks;
    17. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.26 (pane launch without activation);
    18. added lead space on insertion of hyperlinks;
    19. added MessageBox for Paste command on viewing of web pages;
    20. added: alignment commands support for HTML editor;
    21. added: font choosing support for HTML editor;
    22. tips bar moved to bottom;
    23. added command Format\Strikeout (button on toolbar is hidded as default);
    24. added Undo and Redo for web pages edition;
    25. added Paste for design mode of web pages;
    26. added command "Help\Subscribe to news";
    27. added video-tutorial "How to insert nodes list to tree";
    28. added video-tutorial "Save from Firefox";
    29. added video-tutorial "Save from Internet Explorer";
    30. added video-tutorial "Format styles";
    31. added new verions of Aml Assist 2.25;
    32. added DLLs RichEdit 4.1 and RichEdit 6.0;
    33. fixed: hyperlinks edition;
    34. updated english help file (new quetions on F.A.Q. list);
    35. fixed: unavailable command "Insert Hyperlink from Clipboard", if clipboard has URL-address;
    36. fixed: formatting cells for command "Table\Insert Row";
    37. fixed: command "Copy URL" for command of context menu on text editor;
    38. fixed: invalid detection of standard highlighted URLs;
    39. command "Tables\Insert row" inherit formatting from previous table;
    40. fixed: hyperlinks parsing;
    41. fixed: update tab bar on change of text by plugins;
    42. added tips for password dialog;
    43. changed tips of the day;
    44. added new icons for toolbars and menu;
    45. new version AmlAssistDirect.exe (with low thread priority);
    46. fixed: restore Aml Pages from system tray by keyboard (if main window is hidden)
    47. many small corrections
    New function and fixed in version 9.21 (build 2168) [December, 4, 2010]
    1. added protocol apd:// for hyperlinks to Aml Pages documents from web pages and other applications;
    2. added support of Aml Pages hyperlinks to LeaderTask organizer;
    3. added new version of plugin Aml Export 1.04;
    4. added new version of plugin Themes 2.0 (UI themes management);
    5. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.24 (valid work with plugin FavEx 2.11);
    6. added: copy hyperlinks to clipboard;
    7. added: command "View\Themes\Theme as default";
    8. added command: Restore UI default theme;
    9. added UI theme Present_White_With_Background.aptheme;
    10. added apd://-hyperlinks from web browsers;
    11. added: copy hyperlink to clipboard;
    12. added: Edit of web pages;
    13. added new features for button Clipboard in New node dialog;
    14. added support of new version FavEx (extended Favorites);
    15. added command "Copy As Hyperlink" to tree context menu (is hidden as default);
    16. fixed: update context menu on splitter;
    17. updated help file and demo-document;
    18. added: Christmas discount announcement;
    19. fixed: Aml Assist start on exit from Aml Pages;
    20. added new hint for command "Insert\Date And Time";
    21. fixed: insertion hyperlinks to other document from clipboard (Insert Link dialog);
    22. command "Hyperlink to Bookmarks" is moved to Bookmarks sub-menu;
    23. menu Tools\Export moved into Nodes;
    24. menu View\Icons moved into Nodes;
    25. fixed bookmarks markers drawing on text editor;
    26. command "Always Show On Tabs" renamed to "Pin Tab";
    27. changed icon of flag on tree;
    28. removed command "Fix" for editor toolbars;
    29. fixed: insertion of hyperlink to new bookmark;
    30. Plugins: added theme as default API;
    31. updated demo-document (MyDemoDoc.apd);
    32. English updated help-file;
    33. many small corrections
    New function and fixed in version 9.20 (build 2158) [November, 9, 2010]
    1. added hyperlinks to other documents of Aml Pages;
    2. added hyperlinks to bookmarks;
    3. added hyperlinks with names;
    4. added command "Copy As Hyperlink";
    5. added command "Copy To Bookmark";
    6. added command "Remove Hyperlink";
    7. added command "Insert Hyperlink from Clipboard" (see to context menu of text editor, menu of button "Insert Hyperlink");
    8. added support of hyperlinks of LeaderTask organizer;
    9. added auto-detection of charset for incorrect web-archives;
    10. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.22;
    11. added unformattings marks for text editor;
    12. added: Aml Pages user group on Facebook;
    13. enlarge delay for editor tooltips;
    14. fixed: crash on openning incorrect Aml Pages documents;
    15. improved nodes selection dialog;
    16. transparency splash-screen;
    17. fixed: changing of text on closing of text editor;
    18. changed marker drawing of bookmarks insertion point;
    19. enable editor background picture as default;
    20. fixed Uninstall center for English version on official web site;
    21. menu Pages is renamed to Nodes;
    22. menu "New Page" is renamed to "New Node";
    23. updated English help file;
    24. updated tips of the day;
    New function and fixed in version 9.19 (build 2148) [October, 3, 2010]
    1. added hot-setting for Para dialog;
    2. added Ctrl+Alt+T keys for Comments bar management;
    3. added new version of Aml Assist 2.20 (added openning of document with to node navigation without running Aml Pages, required FavEx plugin. Fixed: dragging of mht-files to plugin pane);
    4. added new video tutorials;
    5. fixed: FavEx items restore Aml Pages window from system tray;
    6. added english tips of the day;
    7. now: dialog "Tips of the day" not show on startup;
    8. fixed command handling on Comments bar;
    9. changed Plugin API interfaces;
    10. fixed: checks for plugins menu items on toolbars menu;
    11. updated English help-file;
    12. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.18 (build 2141) [September, 17, 2010]
    1. added date creation for bookmarks;
    2. added sorting of bookmarks by alphabet, order and date creation;
    3. added icon of Aml Pages to Alt+Tab-list (switch window) when Aml Pages is minimized to system tray;
    4. close of Find dialog on Escape;
    5. added smart mouse wheel handler for comboboxed Font, Zoom, Format Style;
    6. added tooltop to Tabs bar on middle button click;
    7. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.16;
    8. added new tips of the day;
    9. fixed user interface themes;
    10. fixed moving of sticky notes, if minimized to header;
    11. changed order of buttons of sticky notes;
    12. changed colors of comments bar (now use of system settings);
    13. fixed links to pages for plugins;
    14. now quick search use font of text editor;
    15. changed tooltips for Bookmarks pane;
    16. removed: bookmarks mode of tab bar;
    17. fixed default button of Para dialog;
    18. changed demo-document;
    19. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixs im Aml Pages 9.17 (build 2136) [August, 28, 2010]
    1. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.15;
    2. fixed: choosing of folder on new node creation;
    3. fixed: context menu for text templates pane;
    New functions and fixes im Aml Pages 9.17 9.17 (build 2135)
    1. fixed balloons on tree pane for node with large comments;
    2. fixed reading of last documents list for portable mode;
    New functions and fixes im Aml Pages 9.17 9.17 (build 2134)
    1. fixed buttons drawing in Header bar;
    2. fixed changing of icon on theme change in Header bar;
    3. fixed balloons for Tabs bar;
    New functions and fixes im Aml Pages 9.17 9.17 (build 2133)
    1. fixed ballons for document bar and tabs bar;
    2. updated plugin Aml Assist (do not activate Aml Pages on Add Text To Node);
    3. renamed Options to Settings;
    4. minimize in system tray enabled as default;
    5. updated help file;
    New functions and fixes im Aml Pages 9.17 9.17 (build 2132)
    1. added tips bar;
    2. added left side bar (Tree\List\Bookmarks);
    3. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.14;
    4. added start Aml Assist on exit from Aml Pages;
    5. added user interface themes (see menu View\Themes);
    6. added formatting marks (see menu Format)";
    7. added command Edit\Find In Text (search in active node text only);
    8. added command Help\Video Tutorials;
    9. added command Help\What`s News;
    10. added size of text to statistics;
    11. added smart-handling for mouse wheel;
    12. added settings "Show Bookmarks";
    13. sort bookmarks as alphabet;
    14. now root bookmarks is named by node header;
    15. added external XML-manifest, removed internal;
    16. removed multiline mode for Tabs bar;
    17. fixed insertion of node list with week day names;
    18. fixed filter "Only Favorites";
    19. fixed command "Restore from Trash";
    20. fixed command "Save Timeout" for quick options;
    21. improved GDI working;
    22. added description of Aml2LeaderTask plugin;
    23. fixed working of toolbars under Windows Vista\7;
    24. fixed insertion of date with user format;
    25. changed tree-buttons bar;
    26. impoved search of bookmarks;
    27. fixed openning of last work document;
    28. changed icons for Format toolbar;
    29. updated help-file;
    30. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.16 (build 2105) [6 June, 2010]
    1. added new version plugin Aml Assist 2.12;
    2. added title for spin-control on Tabs bar;
    3. fixed XP-manifest;
    4. changed English help file;
    5. many small corrections;
    Version 9.16 (build 2104)
    1. bug fixes for Aml Pages plugins framework;
    2. changed URL of home page (for localized versions: German, Portuguese, Spanish);
    3. many small corrections;
    Version 9.16 (build 2102)
    1. added tooltips for hyperlinks;
    2. created new plug-in Themes;
    3. fixed: MRU-count setting saving;
    4. changed syntax highlighting "As Carc";
    5. fixed: check for updates on Internet for localized versions (Portuguese, Spanish, German);
    6. many small corrections;
    Version 9.16 (build 2101)
    1. added "Tables\Show Grid Lines";
    2. added command "Insert\Object Properties";
    3. added command "Tools\Statistics";
    4. added commands Format\Superscript, Format\Subscript;
    5. added command "Save As Default Position" (for sticky notes);
    6. added command "Bookmark Into Paragraph" to main menu;
    7. Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W to switch the bookmark to para (insert\delete);
    8. Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + W to switch the bookmark on the line (insert\delete);
    9. added aut-detection of charset for web-archives;
    10. added skin API for plug-ins interfaces;
    11. Added installer to the completion of a working panel Aml Assist to install the new version;
    12. added new plug-in version Aml Assist 2.10 (support of double hot keys, new plug-ins interfaces of Aml Pages 9.16, many small corrections for settings dialog);
    13. added button to Format toolbar (Bookmark Into Para);
    14. added left and right margins to sticky notes;
    15. added Font pane minimization after splitter moving;
    16. added new version AmlAssistDirect.exe (with re-install support);
    17. added tables with transparency background;
    18. added relative paths saving for portable version (most recently used files and document tabs);
    19. saving of background picture path as relative;
    20. many small corrections for uninstall program;
    21. added: saving MRU paths to ini file (for portable version);
    22. fixed: loading of formatting styles;
    23. many small corrections for install program;;
    24. fixed overlapping panels of the "Document" toolbar and "Standard";
    25. Fixed a memory leak when inserting pictures;
    26. Fixed the status bar, change the settings after changing the color settings;
    27. fixed tabs bar update after categories changing;
    28. changed: animated closing of dialogs;
    29. fixed: portable version do not save path for AmlAssistDirect.exe;
    30. fixed: saving relative paths for documents from other drives;
    31. saving as relative path for AmlPages.exe from removable drive;
    32. changed: Insert\Bookmarks commands;
    33. changed default text templates;
    34. changed custom button drawing on sticky notes;
    35. changed icon of tree pane management;
    36. Fixed displacement sticky note mode rolled into the title bar;
    37. fixed Node Tabs startup, if pane disabled;
    38. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.15 (build 2089) [17 March, 2010]
    1. fixed invalid node type on creation node;
    Version 9.15 (build 2088)
    1. added new help-file;
    2. changed URL of registration to;
    3. many small corrections;
    Version 9.15 (build 2087)
    1. added bookmarks pane
    2. added nodes filter by view type
    3. added support of follows pictures formats: TIFF, PNG, PCX, EMF, WMF (for Win2K\XP\Vista\7);
    4. added URL extraction for Aml Assist pane;
    5. added command "Insert Bookmark Into Para";
    6. added URL extraction on adding stycky notes;
    7. added Aml Assist 2.03 (new hints and AmlAssistDirect.exe);
    8. added plug-in Aml Image (insertion of images);
    9. added new version Aml Auto Completion 1.26;
    10. added button "Minimize To Header" to sticky note;
    11. added menu command "Insert\Page Break";
    12. added command "Move To Children Folder" to context menu of tree;
    13. Added new version of English help-file;
    14. added focus indication to tree and bookmarks panes;
    15. added command "Create Nodes List" to tree menu;
    16. added syntax highlighting of Java ((C) by Shuba Ivan);
    17. added alphabetical order for categories menu;
    18. added option "Show text" for tree-toolbar (right click on separator);
    19. fixed automatically charset dectection for web page;
    20. fixed bug on right click on icon on header;
    21. fixed splitter moving;
    22. fixed hyperlinks parsing;
    23. fixed insertion of localized week day names and months;
    24. fixed font choosing;
    25. fixed invalid most recently files number settings;
    26. fixed drawing of custom buttons on sticky notes;
    27. fixed memory usage on saving with compression;
    28. fixed memory leaks on saving sticky note with formatted text;
    29. fixed weekdayname for a custom date format;
    30. removed Russian layout activation on Search dialog;
    31. fixed shevron menu for Tabs pane (right click on slider);
    32. changed hints for Aml Assist pane;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.14 (build 2075) [3 December, 2009]
    1. added new articles from series "Tips and tricks" into help file;
    2. added new help file;
    3. added: automatically charset detection of tooltips (tree pane and other);
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.14 (build 2074)
    1. added: automatically charset detection of web pages;
    2. added: web pages refreshing after insertion from Aml Assist plug-in;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.14 (build 2073)
    1. new plug-in version Aml Auto Completion 1.23;
    2. extended syntax highlighting region;
    3. changed text bookmarks drawing;
    4. fixed: charset choosing for command "View\Font" (font for tree);
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.14 (build 2071)
    1. added command "Pages\Flagged" ;
    2. added command "Insert\Icon";
    3. added Insertion Point to text editor;
    4. added commands Close, Restore to sticky notes system menu (on tray);
    5. added red color indication for area on Find dialog;
    6. added command "Save All" to document tabs;
    7. added filter "Flagged Only";
    8. added plug-in Aml Assist 2.00;
    9. added command line key /portable;
    10. added plug-in AAC 1.22;
    11. added hint to document tabs;
    12. changed color choosing of font and background;
    13. fixed: icons drawing for document tabs;
    14. removed spliiter picture;
    15. fixed commands "Filters\Yesterday" and "Filters\Last Week";
    16. fixed bookmarks menu filling on Ctrl+Ctrl;
    17. changes search of documents;
    18. fixed initialization of RichEdit 6.0 (if not has required system DLLs);
    19. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.13 (build 2062) [8 October, 2009]
    1. added new pane "View\Toolbars\Comments"
    2. added setting "Keep Comment Auto" (menu View\Toolbars);
    3. added syntax highligting of Ruby;
    4. added quick search in user comments;
    5. added icon for text bookmark;
    6. added bookmarks menu on Ctrl+Ctrl;
    7. added bookmarks navigation from text editor menu;
    8. added Alt and Ctrl settings for drag`n`drop to tree;
    9. added plug-in Aml Export 1.03;
    10. added integration into File-menu for plug-ins;
    11. added plug-in Aml Assist 1.98;
    12. added plug-in Aml Auto Completion 1.21;
    13. changed drawing of header bar;
    14. added new hyperlinks to official site (menu "?");
    15. fixed selection changes on hyperlinks parsing;
    16. changed nodes filters management;
    17. fixed command Full Screen Mode;
    18. fixed changing of documents on choosing background picture;
    19. changed text editor menu;
    20. fixed: tree node selection on read-only mode;
    21. changed tooltips for tabs pane;
    22. fixed crash on bookmarks options changing;
    23. drawing format styles with italic attribute;
    24. fixed menu for "As Sticky Note" button;
    25. command "To Comment" added text now;
    26. fixed bookmark deletion from Node Tabs pane;
    27. fixed changing on Node Tabs pane after bookmarks creation\deletion;
    28. fixed bookmarks deletion from context menu of text editor;
    29. many fixes for text editor;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.12 (build 2045) [4 July, 2009]
    1. added mode "Last Changed" for tree bar;
    2. added command "Choose Columns" for list view;
    3. added commands "Encrease\Decrease Indent";
    4. added plug-in Aml Auto Completion 1.20;
    5. added statistics for document on status bar;
    6. columns is hidden for list view (as default);
    7. changed format styles applying (attribytes: italic, bold and etc);
    8. fixed icon drawing on Header bar;
    9. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.11 (build 2029) [13 June, 2009]
    1. changed work with format styles;
    2. format styles moved to FmtStyles.aps (for portable version);
    3. added muti-import of format styles;
    4. added format styles to toolbar "Font";
    5. format styles applied to para if not has selected text;
    6. added controls customization for "Font" toolbar (right click on pane);
    7. copying of Sample.Apd to %MYDOCUMENTS%\MyDemoDoc.apd on first launch;
    8. added plug-in Aml Auto Completion;
    9. added XML manifest for Windows XP\Vista;
    10. added new version of plug-in Aml Assist 1.97;
    11. added F11 key for command "Full Screen";
    12. added color choosing for tree nodes with categories;
    13. added changing position of items in folder pane by dragging;
    14. added command "Filters\Last Week";
    15. alignment right pane data at client size;
    16. changed format styles default settings;
    17. fixed creation of addititonal shortcuts by installer;
    18. zoom text hidden on Font toolbar as default;
    19. fixed openinng hyperlinks on text selection;
    20. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.10 (build 2029) [19 May, 2009]
      Version 9.10 (build 2029)
    1. plug-in Aml Assist 1.97;
    2. many small corrections;
      Version 9.10 (build 2027)
    1. plug-in Aml Assist 1.96 with saving of web pages on hot key;
    2. fixed web links with tabs parsing;
      Version 9.10 (build 2026)
    1. added table cells resing (for XP and later, required RichEdit 6.0 from MS Office 2007);
    2. added hyperlinks insertion command to text editor (hidden as default, see "Tools\Options\Menu");
    3. new help file (English version);
    4. plug-in Aml Assist 1.94 (integration with AP options, added saving of source URL of web pages);
    5. new selection shema of tree node;
    6. added settings for extension of web-browsers, email-clients and etc (see Tools\Options, tab "Hyperlinks");
    7. added sorting button to tree pane;
    8. added command "Pages\Archive\Move TO Files";
    9. added category to sticky notes menu;
    10. added undo saving of space, enter;
    11. added command "Pages\Position\Show In Favorites";
    12. added hyperlinks insertion of file dragging to text editor;
    13. added extended buttons in sticky note caption;
    14. added openinig page at command line "document_path#page_id";
    15. added complete tables support to sticky note;
    16. fixed: drawing of tree button bar;
    17. fixed: openinig of files links (file:///);
    18. changed autosaving options as default (enabled: saving on closing, disables: saving of documents with password for saving, enabled: saving of minimize command);
    19. changed toolbars icons (not all);
    20. changed: using of true-color icons on toolbars;
    21. added: flat comboboxes on pane "Font";
    22. fixed: reading of file linksext.ini (hyperlinks handlers);
    23. fixed: node dragging with option "Move to Target without confirmation";
    24. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.09 (build 2016) [12 March, 2009]
      Version 9.09 (build 2016)
    1. fixed nodes dragging between documents;
    2. added new help file;
    3. many small corrections;
      Version 9.09 (build 2015)
    1. added compatibility with Windows 2000;
    2. new version plug-in Aml Assist 1.91 with settings for text capture;
    3. added command "View\As Full Screen";
    4. added saving path of bookmarks as relative paths;
    5. added tree management pane;
    6. added detection Google Chrome for hyperlinks handlers;
    7. fixed: hyperlink navigation in text editor;
    8. added check for updates to background thread;
    9. fixed: renaming header after node creation;
    10. ignore password of demo-document on restoring from system tray;
    11. fixed: repeat expanding of new sticky notes folder;
    12. disabled text editor background picture if enabled ClearType font smoothing (as default);
    13. fixed encryption of documents on command "Save Copy";
    14. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.08 (build 2008) [12 February, 2009]
    1. new plug-in version IE2Aml 2.61;
    2. new plug-in version Aml Assist 1.81 with text capture in anywhere at Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12;
    3. added quick tree tooltips on middle button click;
    4. added command "Add To Favorites" into tree menu;
    5. added tooltips delay in tree;
    6. added quick tooltip at Shift+Click on tree;
    7. added tooltips delay in menu command;
    8. added: copy source URL from web page;
    9. added tooltips delay in Favorites tabs;
    10. removed: gray background of tree in read-only mode;
    11. fixed user controls drawing in dialogs (MessageBox++) under Windows Vista;
    12. new GUI of toolbars, text editor and splitter;
    13. added picture background for text editor;
    14. added picture background for splitter;
    15. added chevrons to toolbars;
    16. added support of Maxthon to IE2Aml plugin;
    17. moved "Format", "Font" toolbars to document window;
    18. nodes with attached files use underline font;
    19. command Cut: cut with attached files;
    20. added command line key /NID[page_ID];
    21. added import of Opera Message Base files;
    22. added command "Copy Source URL";
    23. added setting "Left Vertical Scroll Bar" for tree;
    24. added setting "No Horizontale Scroll Bar" for tree;
    25. added compatibility with Windows NT
    26. added charset autodetection to web pages;
    27. added command "Add To Favorites" to sticky notes menu;
    28. added "Bookmarks" toolbar in favorites mode (as default);
    29. added "Bookmarks" toolbar spy at selected node and update automatically;
    30. added full justify alignment in text editor
    31. added constant document tabs (for quickly openining);
    32. added command "File\My Files\Show In Document Tabs Always"
    33. drawing of recenly used files in main windows (as hyperlinks);
    34. added command Edit\Next Bookmark,Previous Bookmark;
    35. added import of xml-files;
    36. directly moving pages on dragndrop in document area;
    37. added dialog "Open With" on files links navigation if error=ERROR_NO_ASSOCIATION;
    38. gray tree in read only mode;
    39. added menu command "Tools\Start\"
    40. fixed nodes moving on dragndrop;
    41. fixed editor drawing after command "Copy All"
    42. IE2Aml use different setting under IE and under Maxthon;
    43. Uninstall delete IE2Aml and Aml Assist plugins;
    44. fixed parsing of hyperlinks to file with symbol @;
    45. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.07 (build 1988) [09 November, 2008]
    1. added support of tables (see menu "Tables");
    2. added command "Insert\Horizontale Line";
    3. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 1.65;
    4. Added menu "Tools\Language";
    5. added new version of help file;
    6. WHOLEWORD key for syntax highlighting (see math.ash file);
    7. added connection question on checking for updates;
    8. changed web update system;
    9. changed compression level of documents to Low (as default);
    10. fixed pictures insertion;
    11. fixed bug on placing search results on tree;
    12. fixed: creation list of pages;
    13. fixed crash on automatically checking for updates on Internet;
    14. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.06 (build 1979) [28 September, 2008]
    1. added button "Filters" to tree;
    2. added menu command "?\Get FREE";
    3. added text template $APVERSION$ (Aml Pages version);
    4. added command "Collapse All" to toolbar "Header" and splitter bar;
    5. added the new version of the Aml Assist plugin;
    6. added export to HTML with text background color;
    7. added multistring search;
    8. added command "Insert\Screenshot";
    9. export to HTML with pictures (required Aml2CHM plugin);
    10. added option "Save MRU list";
    11. added search icons in cur-files;
    12. official forum changed to forum/;
    13. changed tree tooltips position;
    14. changed toolbars highlighting;
    15. fixed horizontale scroller in tree;
    16. fixed changing of font size from "Font toolbar";
    17. fixed command "Move to archive";
    18. fixed drawing empty bookmarks toolbar;
    19. fixed bookmarks parsing;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.05 (build 1969) [8 July, 2008]
    1. Added: plugin Aml Assist 1.64 (new data folders settings);
    2. Fixed: fixed: context menu customization;
    3. Fixed: fixed: format selection at sticky notes creation with confirmation;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.05 (build 1968)
    1. Added: Added: command "Copy Header" to sticky notes;
    2. Added: plugin Aml Assist 1.63;
    3. Added: new German, Russian and Ukrainian versions of Aml Pages (see on;
    4. Fixed: fixed: autohiging toolbar "Bookmarks";
    Version 9.05 (build 1967)
    1. Added: plugins command implemenation for menu "Insert";
    2. Added: bold font for last user command of plugins;
    3. Added: plugin Aml Assist 1.62;
    4. Fixed: many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.05 (build 1965)
    1. Added: Add menu item "Quotes Auto Competion" (Quick Options);
    2. Fixed: sorting of sticky notes menu by alhabet;
    3. Fixed: Do not show all sticky notes on double click at sticky notes folder;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.05 (build 1964)
    1. Added: added text bookmarks;
    2. Added: added quick search in nodes headers;
    3. Added: option "Smart quotes completion";
    4. Added: command "View\Outline mode";
    5. Added: command "View\Filters\Net Logon";
    6. Added: command "View\Filters\Windows Session";
    7. Added: command "Filters\Created-Changed";
    8. Added: command "Filters\Favorites Only";
    9. Added: command "Pages\Move To Children Folder";
    10. Added: plugin Aml Assist 1.60 (documents management, files sorting, startup tip);
    11. Added: Animated creation of sticky notes;
    12. Added: text auto completion in quick search;
    13. Fixed: Text editor plugin API Changed;
    14. Fixed: fixed error on viewing only mode for 2 and more documents;
    15. Fixed: changed popup menu for tree pane and text editor;
    16. Fixed: Autotext is renamed to Text Templates;
    17. Fixed: fixed command "Search results to virtual branch";
    18. Fixed: many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.04 build 1951 [21 March, 2008]
    1. fixed: drag nodes to sticky notes folder from another documents;
    2. fixed: drag text to Aml Assist pane;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.04 build 1949 [27 February, 2008]
    1. added: import of OpenOffice documens by plugin Aml Assist 1.51;
    2. added: AmlAssisDirect.exe (start Aml Assist pane before start of Aml Pages);
    3. show information about attached files in tree always (You can attach files to documents by plugin File2Aml);
    4. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.04 build 1947 [22 February, 2008]
    1. added command "Place In Autotext Pane";
    2. added command "Paste As Plain Text" to sticky notes;
    3. corrections of plugin Aml Assist 1.50;
    4. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.04 build 1946 [15 February, 2008]
    1. plugin Aml Assist 1.49;
    2. saving web pages from Mozilla Firefox;
    3. new tool bar "Autotext" (see menu "View\Tool Bars");
    4. indication of attached files in tree (attached by plugin File2Aml);
    5. command "View\Show Childrens Count");
    6. syntax highlighting in Autotext Editor;
    7. resorting of tree nodes on text changing;
    8. import files by drop on Aml Assist pane;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.03 build 1940 [29 January, 2008]
    1. added: command "Tools\Start\MS Paint");
    2. added: "Place sticky note top most" (tab "Sticky Notes");
    3. added: option "Save from iAml One Click and ADS to folder of sticky notes" (tab "Operations");
    4. added: option "NO import file content" (import of directories);
    5. fixed: syntax highlighting "hyperlinks" ("www.", "http://", "https://");
    6. added command Request Resize (sticky notes);
    7. added: popup menu with sticky notes (see context menu of sticky note);
    8. added: hyperlinks highlighting in sticky notes on edition;
    9. added accelerator Ctr+Alt+M for sticky notes (temporary maximize-restore);
    10. added submenu "Date And Time" (text editor menu);
    11. added command "Copy With Hyperlinks";
    12. plugin Aml Assist;
    13. Text Zoom (see toolbar "Format");
    14. command "Pages\Protect From A Change";
    15. command "Tree\As Large Icons";
    16. Categories of pages in new documents;
    17. command "Format\Para";
    18. command "Format\As Pattern";
    19. toolbar "Format"
    20. command "Pages\Move to";
    21. autotext command number enlarge to 500;
    22. commands "Filters\6 Hours", "12 Hours", "Today", "Yesterday";
    23. command "Windows\New Window";
    24. nodes sorting "By Dates Creation\Write Date - news on top\news on botton";
    25. command "Insert\Symbol";
    26. check of new version on official site (see menu "?");
    27. command "Remove button from Toolbar" (context menu of toolbar);
    29. changed of file format.
    30. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.02
    New (major)
    1. information about attachments for entire document;
    2. import web archives from large files;
    3. color definition in "Choose Color" dialog;
    4. XP Style in color selection dialog;
    5. command "Format\Disabled";
    6. import files on drag`n`drop to tree;
    7. import of rtf-files by format;
    8. import of rtf-files by format;
    9. plugin command AC_IMPORTFILE;
    10. command "Remove from Filter";
    11. import of directory\files with data creation;
    12. button "Not Color" for color choosing;
    13. command "To Header" for sticky notes;
    14. hierarchical Favorites of documents;
    15. The plugin Aml Win Manager;
    16. command "Edit\Delete";
    17. support of command "Edit\Cut" for web pages;
    18. web archive search;
    19. export web archives to files;
    20. command "Copy With End of Line";
    21. RTF-2-WebArchive translation by plugins;
    22. sorting modes in right pane;
    23. command "Insert\Object";
    24. message if copies folder not found;
    25. pressed "Favorites" button for item;
    26. extended hyperlinks handler configuration;
    27. user custom colors saving;

    Fixes\Changed (major)
    1. correctly color (255,255,255) choosing for font;
    2. automatically saving of all documents on window minimize command;
    3. email addresses parsing;
    4. category checking on node creaion;
    5. colored nodes drawing;
    6. menu of plugins creation;
    7. error on command "File\New\Alphabetical List/Dayly Book" under Windows Vista;
    8. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.01 [ [an error occurred while processing this directive] ]
    New (major)
    1. multiline tables support for Text Editor (on Windows XP SP2 or later);
    2. Aml Pages Help (english, chm format);
    3. tips of the day;
    4. drop of files on Text Editor;
    5. web pages formatting;
    6. nodes filters by dates;
    7. passwords checking on documents import;
    8. iAml One Click (plugin);
    9. web archives support;
    10. search progress indication;
    11. internal hyperlinks translation on documents import;
    12. file attachment support (see plugin File2Aml);
    13. syntax highlighting;
    14. saving of sticky notes settings (bk. color, window caption) to documents;
    15. Spanish version;
    16. many small corrections;
    17. localized month and week day names;

    Fixes\Changed (major)
    1. copy of picture from text editor;
    2. color selection in commands "Fond Color", "Background color";
    3. Aml Pages uninstall (for english version only);
    4. backup of files with size=0 bytes;
    5. navigation on hyperlink selection;
    6. files writing\reading optimization;
    7. menu tooltips position;
    8. commands "Copies\Copy(Move) Text", "Copies\Create Copy";
    9. blink of tree of filters changing;
    10. font changing of selection plain text node;
    11. one based line numbers for text editor;
    12. nodes colouring;
    13. horizontal scrollbar moving on tree operations;
    14. backward selection resetting;
    15. inserting to sticky notes with confirm;
    16. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.00
    Public english version;
    Quick Links