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and, therefore, on our thinking abilities…" (© Edsger  W.Dijkstra)
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We offer several ways to get free of Aml Maple (your choice):
  1. Write an article on Wikipedia about Aml Maple and get a license for free.
    Article about Aml Maple on Wikipedia (in Russian).
  2. Translate the user interface to any language.
  3. You can create a video-movie about Aml Maple and place on YouTube service.
  4. Translate the English description of Aml Maple to Your language.
    Translate this description as plain text. Web design - is our work. Send Your descritpion to us as plain text file (UTF8), do not send *.doc, *.docx and etc.
  5. Write review or article about and place on Your blog.
  6. More… We give you a free license for Aml Maple, if you inform us with an important reason why we should do it.
  7. Writing review about Aml Maple on most popular web sites:
  8. Your suggestions?
If you are interested in these offers, contact us by e-mail or any other contacts.

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Hot news [03/October/2022 16:08] New release: Aml Maple 6.43 build 835 — keyboard layout indicator
You can download Aml Maple with installer or portable Aml Maple.
Improved cooperation beetween of instances of Aml Maple in other Windows sessions. Added new version of service FlgCrt.DLL. Good news: 50%+ discount for the Aml Maple for a customers from China.
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Details change log see here.

You can translate the article on Wikipedia into other language and get the Aml Maple for free.