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Nodes filters in the Aml Pages

What is Aml Pages?

In the toolbar, which is above of the document tree, there is a menu named "Filters". The menu contains the favorite and widely used filters. So, what’s a filter and why it’s needed?

A filter in the terms of the Aml Pages is a tool, which is used for the nodes of the desired parts of the document while hiding the rest. Once you enable the filter, only matched parts of the document will be shown and the rest of the document will be temporarily hidden. The key words here are "temporary" and "hidden." In fact, the hidden partition of the document is not going away, it’s just excluded from the tree.

Filters mechanism allows the user to concentrate on a specific node of the document while hiding the rest. We’d like to emphasize once again that filters don’t change the document contents; they just change their representation in the Aml Pages.

Filters in the Aml Pages
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Filter Types

  • Created\Modified Only: This filter shows only the modified or recently created portions of the document – the portions, which were created \ modified during the current session (since the moment the document was opened in the Aml Pages) .This filter allows so called "hot" nodes, the nodes you are working on them right now. 
  • Yesterday\Today\Last week: shows the modified or created today\yesterday\this week nodes.
  • Windows Session: shows nodes, which were created or modified since the last PC restart or since the last login to the Windows.
  • Net Logon: shows created or modified since the last connection to the Internet.
  • Favorites Only: shows only the nodes that are included in the list of the Favorites.
  • Flagged Only: Shows the nodes marked with a flag.
  • By Categories: Specify the nodes by their Categories, define which categories to show and which to hide (or vice versa).
  • The View Type: shows only a certain type of nodes (only plain text or only formatted text or only web pages, etc.).
  • Oldest Nodes: shows only half of the oldest nodes, the other hides. After re-selection the filter, only a quarter of the oldest nodes will be shown. After a second re-selection of the filter, only one-eighth part of the oldest nodes will be shown and so on. With this filter, it’s easy to find the most neglected nodes.
  • Largest Nodes: in analogue to the "oldest" filter, shows only half of the largest nodes with the first selection, a quarter with the second selection and so on.
  • Smallest Nodes: in analogue to the "largest nodes" filter, shows only half of the largest nodes with the first selection, a quarter with the second selection and so on. With this filter, it’s easy to find any quick notes, which were created once and forgotten. For example the notes, which were created as stickers or from the context menu of the Aml Assist.
  • Filter By Date: In analogue to the Yesterday\Today \This Week filter, allows selection the parts of the document according to the date they were created or modified.
  • Apply Filter: This filter is very flexible. It’s able to use a list of the pre-defined conditions and parameters and search through the document in order to find the matches. The matched nodes are placed in the search results window.

Tips for using the Filters

Do you want more filters? Only the most popular filters are shown in the Toolbar above the tree. The rest of the filters are shown in the "View\Filters" section under the Main menu.

When a filter is applied, any attempt to proceed to the node, which does not match the filter’s criteria, immediately displays it in the tree node.
For example, you choose a node of the document from the Favorites menu, but the node does not match the currently applied filter. What happens then? The selected node appears in the document tree even it does not match the filter criteria! This behavior is the same for the all filters and it was implemented just.
Do you need a strict filter? No problem! You always could apply any filter again in order to get the desired results.

There are a lot of filters in the development, we also continuously improve the already exist filters. Do you think that some filters are missing or you have some ideas how to improve the existence filters? No problem at all! Just fill in the feedback form or open a new topic in the forum and we will back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy!

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