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How to open the my document on start Aml Pages?


Q: How to open the my document on start Aml Pages?

Method 1. Tab bar History

  1. Select node in Your document.
  2. Right click on this tab on pane History.
  3. Choose command "Lock This Tab" from context menu.

Method 2. Pinned Tabs

  1. Open Your document.
  2. Right click on the document tab.
  3. Choose menu command "Pin Tab".
Well! Now close the document... O-o-o-ps! Pinned tab is visible. Click on the pinned tab. Enjoy :)

Method 3. Auto-open

  1. Open Your document.
  2. Check menu command "Files\My Files\Open On Start".
  3. In next start Your document will be opened automatically.

Method 4. Files Management

  1. Choose menu command "File\My Files\Files Management"
  2. Set checkbox of documents, which need open on start automatically

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