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How to import notes from Evernote into Aml Pages

The article describe how to quickly and simple import multiple notes from Evernote into Aml Pages.

    Stage #1: export notes from Evernote
  1. Start the Evernote.
  2. Select multiple notes for export.
  3. Right click under selection.
  4. Choose menu command "Export Notes".
  5. Choose option "Export as multiple notes" in dialog.
  6. Choose folder for export and press OK.
  7. Done!
    Stage #2: import notes into Aml Pages
  1. Start the Aml Pages.
  2. Choose menu command "Files\Import\Directory".
  3. Choose folder with exported notes and press OK.
Done. Import notes from Evernote complete.

Any questions? Welcome to support!

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Hot news [17/12/2018 17:59] Aml Pages 9.85 build 2762 released.
•  added: new feature "Rename Bookmarks" (see context menu of bookmarks pane);
•  added: new setting "Always use standard icon for folder";
•  added: move folders to nodes with text as children;
•  added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.26 (fixed: does not work command "Close Pane", crash when none plugin FavEx);
•  new version of plugin Aml2Dropbox 2.20, added send documents of Aml Pages as ZIP with user password;
•  many fixes and imrovements;
•  Details change log see here.
You can download version with installer or portable versions. Localized version see here.

Announcement of previous version Aml Pages 9.84 see here. Previous announcements see here.

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