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How to use Aml Pages as portable version?


Solution 1

You may download English or Russian portable version.
  1. Extract all files from ZIP-archive to any folder.
  2. Start the file RUN_PORTABLE.bat (for first time only).
If You upgrade to newest version, then extract all files from ZIP-archive into same folder (with replacing old files).

Solution 2

  1. Start the Aml Pages.
  2. Choose menu command "File\Restart As Portable Mode". This method supports by versions Aml Pages 9.27 or later.
  3. Copy entire Aml Pages folder to flash-drive.
Menu File\Restart As Portable Mode
Pic.1: Menu File\Restart As Portable Mode.

Solution 3

  1. Copy all files from Aml Pages directory from hard-drive to flash-drive (or other removable drive).
  2. Start the Aml Pages from flash drive (Click on file AmlPages.exe).
  3. Choose menu command "Tools\Settings".
  4. Select tab "Miscellaneous".
  5. Choose parameter "Save settings to ini-file". Then Your settings will be the same on any computer.
  6. Press "OK".
  7. Complete!

Choose checkbox "Save settings to ini-file". Then Your settings will be the same on any computer. (Settings for portable mode of Aml Pages)
Pic.2: Choose parameter "Save settings to ini-file".

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New version TwinkiePaste 3.00 build 582 released.
You can download multilingual version with installer or portable version.

What`s new:
  • fixed: hide of float pane on moving in the minimized state;
  • added: new version of PhraseEditor and Welcome module;
  • added: tabs bar for the settings in PhraseEditor;
  • added: DLL-files for Win8.x\10 into installer and portable version;
  • added: tooltip for hot copy icon on the float pane;
  • updated language files of user interface;
    Details change log see here.